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On this episode of The Open Talent Report, Connor Heaney talks to Angela Alberty,  CCWP, the co-founder and CBO at myBasePay. Having studied workforce trends and shifts an entire professional career spanning over a decade, Angela is an expert in the human capital sector. She is a thought leader and advocates for the worker population with a specialized focus on Contingent Workers.

During the episode Connor & Angela discuss:

  • Angela’s Story
  • Motivation to work in the industry
  • Knowledge Workers vs. Low Choice Workers
  • EU Directive on Platform Workers
  • Automation & Job Displacement
  • Bias in ChatGPT
  • Discrimination in the Labour Market
  • Banking System for Non-permanent employees
  • Remote Work – Curse or a cure?
  • Future of Work Prediction

Listen to the Open Talent Report below, or wherever you get your podcasts.