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Learn about common compliance pitfalls and our all-in-one solution to compliant workforce management.


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Are you risking fines and reputational damage with your contractor engagement practices?

Are your workers classified correctly — or are you misclassifying employees as contractors? And have you checked that every worker you employ has the right to work in the country they live in? Compliantly engaging a contractor workforce is a huge administrative (and legal) burden. That’s why it makes sense to work with an experienced compliance partner — like CXC.

What is a compliance service?

 A compliance service is a solution offered by workforce management organisations (like CXC) to help you remain compliant as you expand your operations internationally or hire contractors at home. Compliance service providers help you overcome challenges like worker misclassification, right-to-work checks and more.

They also work with legal experts, HR specialists and tax attorneys to ensure they’re up to date on any changes to international and local regulations around global hiring and the contingent workforce, which frequently change.

A compliance partner like CXC can minimise your risk of things like fines and legal fees by helping you to set up your operations legally and compliantly.

Engaging workers

Engaging and paying a contractor workforce is one of the biggest compliance challenges businesses face — especially if they’re hiring across borders.

You need to determine the correct engagement structure for your workers, and make sure every one is classified correctly or risk fines.

Providing the right pay and benefits

Every jurisdiction has its own rules concerning the minimum pay and benefits that workers are entitled to — which you need to know about as an employer.

Vetting and assessing workers

Every worker that you bring into your business represents a risk.

You need to have proper systems in place to conduct right-to-work checks and background checks, or face potential legal consequences and negative business outcomes.

Understanding local labour laws

Every country has its own laws that you need to obey if you have workers there, including things like minimum wage, rest times and benefits.

But keeping up with these across several different countries can be a lot.

Complying with tax legislation

In most countries, employers have to withhold taxes for their employees. But what about independent contractors?

Understanding exactly what your obligations are for each type of worker isn’t always easy.

Introducing CXC Comply

We know keeping up with compliance requirements can be tricky — especially for international organisations. That’s why we’ve created a digital platform that checks three of the most important compliance boxes when it comes to hiring contractors. We call it CXC Comply.

Worker classification

Organisations around the world are increasing their use of contractors and independent workers. And in response, governments are tightening up the laws that regulate them.

Today, you need to be absolutely certain that the workers you hire are classified correctly, or you could face fines, legal fees, and even damage to your reputation.

CXC Comply can help you to properly classify every worker you engage, and make sure every worker is working in compliance with local and in-country laws.

Right-to-work checks

Are you conducting proper right-to-work checks on your workers? If not, you could be at risk of significant fines and penalties.

Right-to-work requirements vary in every country — and they change frequently. If you engage foreign or remote workers,  you need to keep a close eye on international working regulations — or use tools that do this for you.

Using CXC Comply, you can ensure that every worker has the proper work authorisation for the country they work in — giving you one less thing to worry about.

Background checks

As an employer, you want to think that the people you engage are acting in good faith. But without conducting in-depth background checks, you can’t be sure.

Every contractor you bring on board represents a risk to your business. But by carrying out thorough background checks, you can find out about any issues before they become problems.

We’ve developed a comprehensive process for contractor background checks, which includes criminal checks, education, work verification, international sanctions, credit checks and more.

More about CXC’s

CXC Comply is just one tool we’ve developed to help you remain compliant as you take your business global or grow your operations in your home country by building a contractor workforce. We can also offer corporate compliance consulting and training to help you spot any areas you’re at risk.

We’ll work with you to optimise your setup to ensure you’re compliant with international and local tax legislation, labour laws and regulations that govern the contingent workforce. Plus, we’re constantly assessing the global compliance landscape. That means you’ll be the first to know about any changes that could affect you or your workers.


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