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On-demand talent

Fast-growing businesses need flexible, scalable recruitment support. Read on for our full guide to on-demand talent sourcing.


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Can your recruitment team keep up with your hiring needs?

Or are they stressed, overworked and in need of a lifeline? If you’re experiencing a short-term burst of growth and need to scale your team quicker than your talent function can manage, there is a solution. Read on for our full guide to our on-demand talent sourcing service.

What is on-demand talent sourcing?

On-demand talent sourcing is a specialised recruitment solution that helps organisations make the hires they need, quickly.

When you partner with an on-demand talent sourcing provider, you’ll effectively “lease” a team of external recruiters who will supplement your internal team. You can think of on-demand talent sourcing as a short-term version of RPO, or recruitment process outsourcing.  

Instant access to talent

On-demand talent sourcing gives you access to top talent at speeds that many businesses simply can’t achieve on their own.

Providers are typically able to get up and running very quickly thanks to their experience and industry knowledge.

Flexible and scalable support

A big advantage of using on-demand talent services is that you can scale up and pull back your level of support as your needs change.

This makes it a perfect solution for businesses whose hiring needs are seasonal or change frequently.

Powerful workforce insights

On-demand recruitment providers can give you valuable analytics on the current state of the market in your industry.

They can also provide insights and reporting on how your recruitment processes are performing.

Strategic partnership approach

On-demand recruiters work from the inside of your business, which allows them to gain a clear understanding of your mission, vision and values.

This makes it easier to develop a true partnership relationship, instead of just seeing them as a third-party provider.

Access to talent acquisition technology

With an on-demand talent solution, you’ll get access to the tech tools you need to optimise your processes.

The best recruiters are familiar with all of the most popular ATSs and other recruitment software, so you can continue using your current tools without a problem.

Supplements your internal team

Is your internal talent acquisition, recruitment or HR team struggling under the weight of an increased hiring demand?

An on-demand recruitment provider can support your internal team, working with them to deliver the best possible results for your organisation.

How do I know if on-demand talent sourcing is right for my business?

You should consider engaging an on-demand talent partner if:

You’re experiencing rapid growth and need to make a lot of new hires, quickly
Your internal team is struggling to keep up with your current demand
You need advice on labour market trends
Your hiring needs are seasonal or change frequently
You need to backfill roles after experiencing unexpected turnover
You’re struggling to find candidates for niche or hard-to-fill roles
You want to test the waters before committing to a full RPO solution

On-demand access to in-demand talent with CXC

At CXC, we love to see our clients grow. And we’ve developed our on-demand talent sourcing solution to help them achieve this. Here’s how it works: 

We’ll assign you a dedicated account manager and a team of expert recruiters. They’ll work alongside your internal team to help you make the hires you need quickly and efficiently. You can stop, start, scale up or pull back our scalable solution whenever you need to — so you don’t need to waste money paying for a service you’re not using.

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