CXC Comply

Global contractor vetting and compliance platform

Are you managing and paying contingent workers, but can’t navigate the complexity of global workforce compliance?

As companies look to engage independent and self-employed contractors through sourcing channels and talent clouds, CXC Comply assists with the complex classification issues involved with engaging contractors.

We allow companies, through our online technology platform and validation processes, to engage talent quickly and compliantly, with functionality servicing over 50 countries around the world.

Worker Classification

Are you vulnerable to contractor misclassification or deemed employment risks?

Mitigate risk to your organisation by ensuring your contingent workforce adheres to local classification guidelines for taxation purposes.

Right to Work

Have you conducted right to work checks?

CXC Comply verifies contingent workers’ right to work and visa status to ensure the relationship is fully compliant.

Background screening

Have you verified your candidate’s background?

Investigate contingent worker’s employment history, criminal record, credit history and more though CXC Comply.