Global Payroll

Global Expansion Made Easy

Are you looking to expand your team internationally?

At CXC, we understand the challenges associated with managing global payroll for remote and contingent workers. When expanding into new markets, organisations often face difficulties managing:

  • International Banking
  • Labour Laws
  • Onboarding Requirements
  • Communication & Language
  • Compliance Obligations
  • Local Payroll Practices
  • Permanent Establishments

How consistent, compliant, and effective is your global workforce payment and invoicing process?

CXC compliantly connects the global contingent and remote workforce by managing the compliance risk, tax reporting, and payment in countries that present challenges or where your company does not possess a legal entity.

Partner-of-choice for many, CXC provides payroll solutions for some of the world’s leading companies, start-ups, and enterprises.

We enable our clients to hire and payroll anyone, anywhere – compliantly and pain-free. We ensure consistent and reliable payment cycles with all contingent workers; with multiple checks and balances in place and dedicated client services teams, we have established robust measures to minimise payroll issues.

Why you should choose CXC for your Global Payroll Services?

At CXC, we engage your contingent and remote workers directly, on your behalf; as well as monitor and manage the contract lifecycle no matter the size of your organisation.

Our services ensure a simple, seamless process for both the worker and organisation, mitigating the risks while minimising the administration process.

  • CXC manages payroll in over 65 countries across the world via a vast network of legal entities.
  • CXC enables you to retain full ownership of your IP rights in every country where you operate.
  • CXC ensures that you fully optimise your risk mitigation by eliminating any unnecessary risk exposure.
  • CXC’s team of risk and compliance and HR specialists, working with legal entities and dedicated partners all over the world, protect your business.
  • CXC’s seamless payroll services offer fast, flexible, and effective payroll with guaranteed on-time payments to your contingent and remote workers.
  • CXC provides a consistent worker experience through our onboarding and payroll process.

The right solution to successfully grow your global presence

When engaging contingent workers globally, organisations face many challenges. With increasing complexity and ever-changing regulatory requirements, including reporting and data security, CXC’s processes and systems are digital, efficient, and fully compliant.

Let our team of experts handle the complexities of running your global contingent and remote workforce, while our digital platform makes this a seamless process.

Employer of Record

An EoR (Employer of Record) represents a company that takes on the legal responsibility of employing staff on behalf of your organisation.

Global Employment Outsourcing

A GEO (Global Employment Outsourcing) solution, popular in Asia, is a service firm offering quite similar to an Employer of Record but one that generally offers a more comprehensive range of HR services.

Agent of Record

An AoR (Agent of Record), also known as “Contratistas Independientes” in Latin America and “PJ” in Brazil, is an employment solution that supports organisations in managing and paying their independent contractors.

Professional Employment Organisation

A PEO (Professional Employment Organisation) is a third-party service commonly used in the USA, where employment requirements can vary significantly between states and employee health, and medical, benefits must be provided.