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Establishing UK operations for a major US IT staffing firm

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CXC GlobalAugust 09, 2023



This staffing firm has developed client relationships with their existing US based clientele who have begun leaning on them for their international sourcing capabilities. While their vast recruitment team could source throughout the world, due to our client’s lack of a global footprint, they had no capability to provide compliant payroll for their sourced candidates.


CXC partnered with this staffing firm and became the global EOR and AOR. CXC implemented a global contractor payroll and compliance solution for their international placements of employed and self-employed workers, allowing this client to penetrate the international recruitment market.


Through the partnership with CXC, this client was able to expand their offerings to their clients by providing them with access to global talent, compliant payments and ongoing management.

This client is a staffing and services company specialising in sourcing information technology, accounting, finance, and engineering professionals, and delivering service-based solutions to Fortune 1000 clients.


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In 2022, a prominent staffing firm based in the United States set its sights on entering the UK staffing market to expand its global reach. Recognising the complexities and challenges of establishing operations in a new country, the company sought the expertise and support of CXC.

With no existing finance function, technology suite, or compliant payroll solution for UK placements, the firm required a comprehensive infrastructure development plan and a streamlined approach to contract and payroll contingent talent in the UK.

The situation

Entering a new geographic market is a demanding endeavour, especially for a staffing firm aiming to establish itself in the competitive landscape of the UK. The US-based company faced several critical challenges:

  1. Lack of infrastructure: The absence of a developed finance function and technology suite hindered the firm’s ability to smoothly operate in the UK market.
  2. Compliant payroll solution: The firm lacked a compliant system to efficiently manage the payroll of UK placements, necessitating a solution that adhered to local labour regulations and industry standards.
  3. Limited knowledge of the UK market: As a newcomer to the UK staffing industry, the firm required guidance on market trends, legislation, insurance, compliance, and right-to-work processes.

CXC’s solution

To overcome these challenges and ensure a successful UK market entry, the US IT staffing firm partnered with CXC, leveraging our extensive experience in global workforce management and technological expertise. Together, we devised a comprehensive solution encompassing the following aspects:

  1. Infrastructure development: CXC collaborated with the firm to build a robust middle and back-office finance function, providing the necessary infrastructure to operate efficiently in the UK.
  2. Compliance-focused payroll solution: A fully integrated applicant tracking and compliance platform was developed, ensuring the compliant contract and payroll management of contingent talent, including independent contractors, umbrella companies, and permanent placements.
  3. Strategic partnership: CXC offered strategic support, enabling the firm to focus on core business activities while CXC managed workers, achieving compliance and consistency in contractor management activities.
  4. Custom reporting: CXC developed custom reports for daily tracking of onboards, extensions, offboards, and invoicing, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making.
  5. Worksuite platform adoption: The firm adopted CXC’s Worksuite platform technology, streamlining time and expense management for workers and gaining accurate financial insights.
  6. Bespoke technology integration: CXC integrated multiple systems to ensure the firm’s operations were seamless and compliant in the UK market, despite their limited prior knowledge of the region.

The results

The strategic partnership with CXC yielded impressive results for the US staffing firm’s UK market entry:

  1. Efficient onboarding: The technology suite built by CXC facilitated a streamlined and compliant onboarding process for workers of various engagement types. Pre-identified, sourced, and internal candidates were onboarded and payrolled in 48 hours or less in full compliance with UK labour law.
  2. Engaging skilled workforce: Through CXC’s expertise, the firm successfully engaged a considerable number of independent contractors and temporary staff, collaborating with trusted umbrella companies.
  3. Streamlined invoicing: CXC managed the finance function for the firm’s UK operations, raising a total of 179 invoices in just six months since go-live, streamlining financial management in the new market.
  4. Smooth transition support: Dedicated training sessions and communication channels organised by CXC ensured a smooth transition as the business shifted into normal operations.
  5. Future business opportunities: The success of the UK market entry opened doors for potential collaborations in new markets in the future.

With CXC’s unwavering support and expertise, the US staffing firm successfully established its UK operations in just 12 weeks, effectively overcoming the initial challenges of entering a new market.

The partnership empowered the firm to focus on core business activities while ensuring compliance, efficiency, and success in the UK staffing industry. With a strong foundation in place, the firm now stands poised for sustained growth and continued success in the UK and beyond.

Unlock the potential of your global workforce and conquer new markets with CXC’s expert support. Contact us today for success in the competitive staffing industry.

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