The world’s most influential languages and the benefit of having a global partner


Influence on Business

What makes a language influential? Is it one with the most speakers? Or perhaps it’s the language with the most economic influence? English has certainly been seen as the “international language” for some time now, and many have stressed the importance of learning Mandarin as China’s economy continues to grow.

But according to one group of scholars, including cognitive scientist and linguist Steven Pinker, whether or not a language is influential is less about that language itself, and more about how it connects to others.

The World Economic Forum  published an article earlier in 2016 about the world’s most influential languages.  Click here to read the complete article. 

Language is obviously a vital tool. Not only is it a means of communicating thoughts and ideas, but it forges friendships, cultural ties, and economic relationships.

Language as a Competitive Edge

Language, of course, is knowledge and in our world today knowledge is one of the key factors in competitiveness. Brains and knowledge are what create the prosperity and growth we tend to take for granted. In an advanced industrial society in an increasingly interdependent world, the knowledge of other languages becomes indispensable. Just think of how the advent of the Internet has changed our lives. For the last few years, millions of people across the world, who share common interests, are able to communicate with each other and exchange ideas. Not only are they able to do this due to the various technological advances, but also because they share a common language.

Language and Internationalization

One of the first barriers that companies face on the path of internationalization is differences in natural languages.

One of the advantages of partnering with CXC Global is that we are a truly global company with offices in over 60 countries.  In countries where we have an in-country solution, we have teams who speak the local language and who understand the local nuances.  Add all these together and we’ve got the globe fairly well covered.  CXC Global will go wherever there is a business need to provide our workforce management solutions for our clients and partner and as such our footprint is fluid and responsive.

Below is a list of the most commonly used languages around the globe by the CXC Global teams.

CXC North America – English & French

CXC LATAM –  English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

CXC EMEA – English, Italian, French

CXC Asia – English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Bahasa Malay, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia

CXC ANZ – English

CXC China – English, Mandarin

CXC India – English, Hindi, German

CXC Global Group & Corp Services – English, Portugese, Afrikaans, Irish, German

Our global footprint and ability to operate in so many countries around the globe is one of our competitive advantages.  Many workforce solution providers, international recruiters, MSP’s, VMS’s partner with CXC Global for projects in countries where they don’t have a presence, making us the preferred partner and trusted advisor globally.

Contact one of our global team to learn more about our global presence and how we assist companies with global operations and expansion into new regions.