Key factors your company should ensure before engaging foreign self-employed workers

There are certain protocol every company should adhere to when engaging foreign independent contractors. In this article we've listed the top 6.

The trend for engaging foreign independent contractors around the world is catching on.  More companies in the USA and Canada are looking offshore to engage remote workers to fill their talent requirements.  There are some things to be aware of when engaging global workers.

We’ve listed below Key factors companies should ensure before engaging foreign independent contractors

  • Ensure your company’s policies allow independent contractors (IC’s)
  • Ensure the country where work is being performed allows independent contractors as a compliant solution
  • Identify in what currency a foreign independent contractor should be paid
  • Place independent contractor through thorough assessment to validate compliance with government standards
  • Ensure adherence to all company and government data security and privacy protection policies
  • Engage a trusted and experienced global partner to mitigate risk and administrate your global IC’s.


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