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Workforce Exchange​

CXC’s Workforce Exchange is a marketplace of 20,000+ proven and vetted professionals designed to match your job requirements with the skillsets of our workers based on their employment history with CXC. 

Connect with us today and unlock the possibilities of connecting with known talent who can take your organisation to new heights. 


Cap Gemini

Proven and compliant talent​

Each member of our 20,000+ strong talent pool has successfully completed assignments with CXC.

Through a strict compliance process, we ensure that all workers meet our high standards and have a track record of delivering excellence.

This reassurance allows you to onboard contractors quickly and efficiently.

Diverse skillset​

Our talent pool consists of professionals with expertise in various areas such as technology, project management, engineering, finance, and other professional services. 

They have gained valuable contracting experience across a range of industries including energy and resources, telecommunications, technology, infrastructure, media, FMCG, and consulting.

Streamlined process​

Our process is simple as 1, 2, 3! 

  1. When you need a contractor, simply submit a request using our Request for Talent form. 
  2. Our dedicated Workforce Exchange team will review suitable workers who have successfully completed similar engagements with other clients. 
  3. Our team will then submit the best-matched contingent work to you, managing the ongoing application process.

On-demand access​

With over 20,000 proven professionals within our Workforce Exchange community, you have easy access to a vast pool of pre-qualified talent.

We understand the importance of flexibility, and our model allows you to find the right talent when you need it most at speeds that many businesses simply can’t achieve on their own.

Sharing community model​

Workforce Exchange is based on a sharing community model where all parties can benefit financially from related fees, which are significantly lower than traditional agency fees.​​

“I was recently successful in obtaining a new contract role as a Senior Business Analyst via CXC’s WEX platform. This was a very easy process as I have already previously onboarded with CXC, and I am really excited about my new opportunity in a new industry starting this month. The technology platform was easy to use, and the CXC team did a great job in matching my skills to the new opportunity.”

Rahman Qazi, a Senior Business Analyst not placed at UNSW


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Tap into a talent pool of 20,000+ highly skilled, proven members

Talent pools established across 7 key roles across Vic, NSW and Qld.

1. Business Analyst
2. Project Manager
3. Developer
4. Network Engineer
5. Data Analyst
6. Customer Service/ Call Centre
7. Human Resources

Workforce Exchange talent community members have experience across a range of industries...

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