A Talent Driven Market – What It Means for Employers

Making the Choice for Flexible Work

An article published by CNBC news talks about the emerging trend of workers quitting their jobs in favor of a more flexible lifestyle and work arrangement.  The information was based on a report by the Department of Labor.

The above image from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the number of open jobs out numbers the number of people seeking jobs for only the second time in two decades.

As global leaders in contingent workforce solutions, we are also seeing a growing number of workers who are deciding to become more project-based, allowing them to have more say about where and when they work.

“One of the main reasons global workers are leaving full-time roles is talent now dictates where and when work is performed.  These international workers turning their workforce-classification into project-based status rather than full-time guarantees this lifestyle choice to perform the work on their own terms, which equals freedom.”

Lou Calamaras, Director Global Client Solutions
CXC Global North America.

In order to stay competitive, retain and gain access to the best talent, employers will need to offer more flexible work arrangements

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Written by Kathryn Hopkins