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Your next steps to total compliance:

1. EU Directive on Platform Workers - Explained

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Watch our short (6 mins) interview with CXC’s EMEA Managing Director,Connor Heaney, as he provides a simple explanation of the Directive and what it means for workers and the organisations that engage these workers.

2. Discover how to stay compliant in a fast-changing environment

Are you risking fines and reputational damage with your contractor engagement practices?

Learn about common compliance pitfalls and our all-in-one solution to compliant workforce management.

3. Partner with CXC and ensure correct worker classification

With CXC Comply, businesses can ensure correct worker classification, conduct thorough right-to-work checks, and perform comprehensive background checks.

By partnering with us, businesses can minimize the risk of fines, legal fees, and reputational damage, while providing a fair and compliant working environment for their contractors.

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Ensure compliance. Expand globally. Mitigate risks.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions, including CXC Comply, is designed to help businesses like yours navigate the complexities of workforce management. From building a contractor workforce to offering corporate compliance consulting and training, we’ll ensure you stay ahead of the game.

Take control today and thrive with confidence.