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1. Understanding the Employer of Record model: Simplifying global expansion

Let’s face it. It takes a lot to manage a business these days.

There are talks about an upcoming recession. Big companies are conducting massive layoffs. In contrast, there is also a perceived talent shortage in Asia.

At the rate that things are changing, it’s hard to keep up…

2. Employer of Record 101: Decoded

Globalisation of your brand is the next big step for any growing business. In fact, it is at the top of mind for many businesses. In a recent research, 97% of the 100 global businesses surveyed already have plans to expand into new markets. 

Expanding and diversifying your market reach can help bring your brand onto the global stage. This would then lead to long-term and sustainable growth for your company.

3. The Open Talent Report Podcast - Ep. #64 | Contingent Workforce Strategies

This week’s guest on The Open Talent Report is Jeff Nugent, Global Contingent Workforce Management Strategist.

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No matter if you require talent acquisition across multiple countries, effective management of your contingent workforce, or global business expansion, CXC is here to provide the comprehensive EoR solutions you need. 

Empower your business with our proven expertise, tailored solutions, unwavering reliability, seamless scalability, and a partner who genuinely prioritises your best interests!