Benefits and Challenges of Offshore Recruiting

Join us for a roundtable discussion on Sept 11 1-2pm in San Diego at SIA's GigE2019 Collaboration in the Gig Economy conference, led by CXC's Connor Heaney and Paul Chiswick. Learn more about our facilitators here.

Today, the global workforce market is more dynamic than ever, and that dynamo shows no sign of slowing.

One of the outcomes of this diverse employer landscape is that businesses require more flexible workforce solutions. The types of work these individuals and teams provide and length of time they’ll be needed can vary dramatically. That, coupled with the associated management requirements, can create a large burden on a business.

The increasingly frequent requirement to hire and manage temporary staff can seem like a daunting prospect, as there is such a high level of perceived risk.

The first concern is quality and fit; how do you find and QA the people you need in a rapidly changing landscape? Getting it wrong can have a domino effect on a business’s product or service – potentially damaging reputation, client relationships or ability to grow.

Second is the hiring process itself, which can become very costly. Onboarding, training and upskilling contingent staff, only for them to produce less than ideal output (or leave!) might not be worth the effort.

Thirdly, HR managers need to carefully monitor the volume and nature of work across temporary or non-permanent employees. You can easily find you’ve accidentally hired a full time employee or miss essential checks that land a company in hot regulatory water very quickly!

Join the discussion!

On September 11 1-2pm, CXC’s Connor Heaney and Paul Chiswisk will lead the discussion on ‘Benefits and Challenges of Offshore Recruiting’ at Staffing Industry Analysts’ GigE2019, as part of the Collaboration in the Gig Economy conference being held in San Diego.

About the facilitators

Connor Heaney, Managing Director EMEA

Having spent the majority of his career in resource and talent management, Connor has accumulated significant experience within solutions sales, product development and operational delivery in the UK and wider EMEA. Across key executive roles, he maintains a proven track record of successfully growing revenues, profits and teams, holding a passion for building and maintaining transformational relationships.

Now based in Dublin,  Connor leads the CXC business from Ireland, across EMEA, as part of the CXC Global Leadership team, working alongside our CEO, Chairman and Founder to execute CXC’s vision in shaping the future of work.


Paul Chiswick, Corporate Solutions Director Australasia

Paul’s expertise lies in addressing the above challenges by advising CXC’s clients on initiatives to improve productivity and profitability from contingent workers. He’s partnered with clients in the design, implementation and management of complex talent solutions across APAC and EMEA. This includes management of contingent workforces (MSP/CMO), statement of work resources (SOW), recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), executive search, general staffing and talent consulting.

The CXC team are always on the lookout to spark new discussions on challenges that our prospective clients might face, and our ‘door’ (or inbox) is always open.