Visa Sponsorship Solution for Asia Pacific

Case Study
  • region: Asia
  • industry: Technology

Our Client

For over 40 years, Teleperformance, the global leader in customer experience management, has been connecting customers with the world’s most successful companies.

Teleperformance’s Digital Integrated Business Services combines human touch and high technology to deliver extraordinary customer experiences. While technology creates new and agile ways of working, their interaction experts remain committed to creating unique connections through empathy, adaptive communication skills, and more importantly, a passion for making it happen.

The Situation

CXC Hong Kong provide comprehensive visa services to Teleperformance for their non-local employees, since they cannot fulfil the requirements of the Immigration Department.

CXC supports visa sponsorship for Teleperformance’s overseas employees, which reduces the potential risk of failing to obtain visas. With CXC visa services, Teleperformance doesn’t need to set up a legal entity and maintain the local staff ratio required by the Immigration Department. Therefore, they can focus on their core business without needing to hire more resources in Hong Kong. Additionally, their overseas employees can enter China with business visas through Hong Kong employment.

CXC's Solution

CXC sponsors visas for overseas Teleperformance employees, which reduces their administrative costs, such as physical office space or employing local staff – a mandatory requirement for the Hong Kong Immigration Department. Key services we have provided to Teleperformance include:

  • Onboarding – Single interpretation and process for quality onboarding with pre-engagement checks
  • Employed Solutions – Compliant payroll structure in line with all legislative changes
  • Invoicing & Payroll – Standardised consolidated invoice for all workers and suppliers
  • Taxation Scheme – Rental Reimbursement Scheme and Business Expenses Reimbursement Programme
  • Worker Engagement & Performance – Managing the engagement and performance of contingent workers, aligned to eToro’s HR strategy
  • Enterprise Risk Mitigation – Mitigating all the statutory and potential risks associated with contingent workforce, as well as building solutions to manage emerging risks
  • Offboarding -Proven strategies to manage disengagement

The Results

CXC has partnered with Teleperformance since 2017, providing services across Asia Pacific including Hong Kong, Korea and Japan. This is expected to expand into Thailand and Vietnam. In 2021, CXC has managed eight senior level contractors, with their average monthly rate being around $82,000 HKD.

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