CXC Global Recognized as Best in Class for International Contractor Management, Payroll and Compliance


CXC Global a 28 year worldwide provider of employed, independent & self-employed contractor management, has been recognized by prominent Contingent Workforce and Procurement Analysts, as an ‘innovative global organization with emphasis on compliance’.   CXC Global is privileged and proud to be recognized for their commitment to contractor management, including payroll and compliance, driven and executed by the most owned and operating in-country offices and team members. Recent global survey reports and featured articles  by the world’s leading analyst  Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) – a leading advisor on global workforce solution, Spend Matters – a procurement intelligence organization and Ardent Partners – a Supply Management expert, demonstrate CXC’s positioning in the global contingent workforce

A recent global landscape survey, focusing on global capabilities, saw CXC Global consistently ranked among the top providers in coverage, breadth and diversity of employer of record “EOR” and self-employed / independent  agent of record “AOR” solutions.

CXC’s globally owned footprint of offices really stood out during this survey. Our commitment to holistically expand new offices over the last 3 years has significantly set CXC Global apart. Having an office and team in a country with deep compliance awareness, is paramount in today’s market”. John Smith Managing Director of CXC Global Americas for the last 10 years s



Aspects of the survey focused on Independent and Self-Employed contractor management. In 2020 CXC Global re-engineered their proprietary global contractor compliance and classification platform CXC Comply,  adding additional countries to the platform, updating in-country right to work checks and capabilities to incorporate global background investigations from leading companies. CXC Comply was featured in a procurement analyst article for “Emerging Trends in Global Souring and Ensuring Compliance”

“Covid 19 has forced travel and visa restrictions on global contractors, CXC’s clients and partners still need to engage these workers in their home country and CXC Comply provides the perfect firewall to ensure compliance during these unique contractor engagements where travel and relocation is limited ” Connor Heaney, Managing Director of CXC Global EMEA for the last 5 years  



In the emerging Asia market CXC Global partnered with an analyst to contrast Asia’s Contingent Workforce Market with adopted approaches around the world.

“With rapid technological advancements across all global industries, companies are struggling to achieve workforce agility and attract the talent necessary for accelerating organizational growth. How companies are identifying, utilizing, and ensuring compliance for the right talent is at the forefront within most corporations” Peter Oreb a 20-year veteran of CXC Global and CEO based in Singapore 



CXC Global is honored by the coverage and recognition from these Contingent Workforce and Procurement Analyst as we continue to innovate the contractor management, payroll and compliance segment of the contingent workforce industry. Our 28-year journey partnering with Corporations, Human Capital Management Companies and implementing the changing global standards for employed and self-employed contractors ensuring compliance with local laws.


CXC GLOBAL are an HR Outsourcing contingent workforce company. We enable companies to achieve a competitive advantage through managing contingent workforce quality, efficiency, and risk, while reducing costs. CXC Global has offices in over 30 countries and solutions in 65+ countries.



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