Richard Farmer

Managing Director for Asia
Richard Farmer


Richard has over 25 years of experience working within talent, recruitment and HR solutions across all verticals and specialisations. A highly-skilled sales leader, Richard has led large recruitment companies and talent acquisitions teams and is also a founder and entrepreneur. He has achieved this experience working and living across APAC for the past 20 years.

As CXC’s new Managing Director for Asia, Richard’s role is to navigate the strategic needs of the talent landscape for both clients and candidates. His passion for customer experience and a history of delivering innovative solutions led him to achieve strategic business and individual goals by “making your business better tomorrow than it is today.”

Richard, an executive coach, consultant and facilitator, believes his critical advisory, consulting skills, and strategic thinking are vital to providing the best solutions to all his projects, clients, and candidates. Richard is a firm believer in uplifting others, and he has helped many team members grow and achieve their career goals.

Having lived in the UK and Australia, Richard has called Singapore home for the past 11 years. When not working, Richard enjoys life with his family, travel, coaching rugby, music and the outdoors.