Contingent Workforce Care & Benefits Program

CXC provides an extensive suite of benefits to contingent workers

How are you investing in the future of your contingent workers?

For most organisations, duty of care for contingent workers is lacking and contractor benefits programs are non-existent, yet the worker’s value to your organisation and engagement length may often be comparable to their permanent colleagues.

Traditionally, the perceived risk and lack of centralised management of contingent workers have made care and benefits programs extremely difficult to introduce.

However, CXC’s workforce management has enabled care and benefits programs to be introduced to contingent workers, including employee assistance, corporate discounts, training and maximising their financial health and wellbeing.

CXC’s contractor care program is focused on treating contractors like the professionals they are, giving them access to a diverse package of benefits. This differentiates our service from recruitment-focused providers and strengthens your brand among professional-level contractors.

Our focus is on strategies to help them optimise their time, wealth and their work life, supported by in-house experts in financial services, property investment and wealth creation.

How we can help

  • Choice to contract via all tax engagement structures available in Australia, as well as assisting contractors to establish the right tax structure.
  • Salary packaging options, including Novated vehicle leases and the opportunity to make voluntary super deductions. Contractors can elect a set dollar figure or percentage to be sacrificed with each pay.
  • Consolidation of superannuation as well as setting up self-managed superfunds.
  • Workforce Exchange, giving contractors access to opportunities on completion of their contract and receive a bonus for signing up to the program.
  • Access to CXC Financial Partners, our 100% owned wealth management and tax advisory company, who offer a complimentary discovery meeting to all contractors.
  • A confidential Employee Assistance Program available to all CXC contractors, available free of charge to contractors and their families.
  • CXC is implementing a new benefit program through Flare HR, which will provide our contractors with discounts to over 100 businesses, including Corporate Travel Partners, Medibank and Sony.
Case study

Contractors are the soul of our company, and as such we needed to continually and quickly receive feedback on their experience. That’s why we implemented an employee listening strategy for our entire contractor base, made up of:

  • Annual surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Sentiment Pulse surveys
  • Safety surveys and incident reporting
  • Performance check-ins and appraisal
  • Wellness checks, as part of our COVID check in
  • Exit interviews.

Through listening to our contractors, we’ve found that the majority of our contractors – more than 70% – want to be do things in their own time and through their own channels.

That’s why we’ve developed an omnichannel approach of engaging with contractors and giving them a personalised experience. Whether it’s accepting an offer, completing their onboarding requirements, submitting timesheets or renegotiating a contract, contractors can undertake these activities on their own time, either through mobile, computer or with the assistance of our service team.

“CXC continues to provide me with first class accounting & contractor workforce management services based on the highest degree of expertise and integrity. As a freelance IT consultant I have employed CXC services continuously since I first arrived in Australia in 1996.  Through the efficient implementation of systems and process, CXC has been able to grow their business substantially during this time, while managing to provide the same level of personal service. Their global reach provides regional centres, allowing me to move seamlessly between contracts in different countries.  CXC gives me the confidence to focus on consultancy work and generating income, in the knowledge that my insurance, invoicing, payroll and tax are in safe hands.”

Adam Gladstone, Integration Technical Lead, Contractor