Employed & Self Employed Contingent Workforce Solutions

We ensure your contractors are engaged through the correct employment structure compliant to all relevant laws.

Are your contingent workers engaged under a compliant engagement structure?

With our extensive experience and expertise in contingent workforce management, CXC has the resources and solutions to manage the administration process associated with contracting in more than 50 countries around the globe.

CXC assesses whether a contingent worker is engaged through a compliant structure and is able to offer employed and self-employed solutions to the workers. CXC protects your organisation from any statutory and legislative risks associated with contingent worker engagement.

We facilitate the engagement of all compliant engagement structures in Australia, including:

How we can help

PAYG – CXC verifies:

  • Bank account details in worker’s name.
  • Award alignment if applicable.
  • Super contributions processed.
  • PAYG tax withholdings made to ATO.

Sole trader – CXC verifies:

  • ABN is registered and active.
  • Bank account details in worker’s name.
  • Super contributions and tax withholdings are applicable.
  • Super contributions processed.
  • PAYG tax withholdings made to ATO.

Pty Ltd/Trust/Statement of Work – CXC verifies:

  • Pty Ltd company/Trust’s ABN is registered and active.
  • Pty Ltd company/Trust’s ABN is GST registered.
  • Bank account details in the Pty Ltd company/Trust’s registered name.
  • Pty Ltd company/Trust has relevant Worker’s Comp or income protection.
  • Signed Sub-contractor Statement from Pty Ltd company / Trust.
  • Declaration from Pty Ltd company or Trust, confirming if they are required or are exempt from having a labour hire license.
  • Meets assessment criteria from the contractor classification questionnaire.
“CXC has provided global payrolling services for parts of our organization in the Philippines and Singapore, plus they have supported dozens of opportunities for payrolling situations where our customers had identified resources in markets where Allegis does not have operations. In these cases we subcontracted CXC who performed the Employment of Record Service and they invoiced us typically in the US and managed all compliance, FX, and other statutory requirements. We have found their team to be very professional and they have always delivered on their commitments.”

Sr. Vice President, International Talent Management Firm