Contingent Workforce Care & Benefits Program

CXC provides an extensive suite of benefits to contingent workers

How are you investing in the future of your contingent workers?

For most organizations, duty of care for contingent workers is lacking and contractor benefits programs are non-existent, yet the worker’s value to your organization and engagement length may often be comparable to their permanent colleagues.

Traditionally, the perceived risk and lack of centralized management of contingent workers have made care and benefits programs extremely difficult to introduce.

However, CXC’s workforce management has enabled care and benefits programs to be introduced to contingent workers, including employee assistance, corporate discounts, training and maximizing their financial health and wellbeing.

“CXC continues to provide me with first class accounting & contractor workforce management services based on the highest degree of expertise and integrity. As a freelance IT consultant, I have employed CXC services continuously since I first arrived in Australia in 1996.  Through the efficient implementation of systems and process, CXC has been able to grow their business substantially during this time, while managing to provide the same level of personal service. Their global reach provides regional centers, allowing me to move seamlessly between contracts in different countries.  CXC gives me the confidence to focus on consultancy work and generating income, in the knowledge that my insurance, invoicing, payroll and tax are in safe hands.”

Adam Gladstone, Integration Technical Lead, Contractor