Contingent Workforce Health & Safety

CXC ensures a safe working environment for all contingent workers in our clients' organisations

Have your contingent workers been properly classified to reduce workforce misclassification claims?

CXC ensures that your contingent workers are properly classified as employed, independent or self-employed. We accomplish this through:

  • CXCComply, CXC’s propriety contractor vetting and validation platform
  • Classification software for independent contractors to determine control and governance
  • Defense File created for federal or state audits
  • Conversion of non-compliant 1099 Contractors to W2 employed contractors
  • Seamless integration with existing VMS workflows.

CXC can also support our clients’ requirements for a range of background checking, including security checks.

When implementing a background check service, we develop a client-specific package that documents and sets the parameter of all required checks and vetting. Some of our background checking services include:

  • Criminal Check
  • Drug Screening
  • Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Checks (AML/CTF)
  • Credit Checks
  • Right to Work Checks.
“We’ve been very happy with how quickly the CXC on-site team have become part of our team, and how well the model has been adopted by the business. CXC are high-touch with our contractors, they’re responsive and available. The model really works.”

General Manager for Recruitment and Engagement, Private Health Insurance Provider