Contingent Workforce Management

CXC provides the human resource function for all your contingent workers

Are you struggling to manage your contingent workforce compliantly and effectively?

Companies are significantly increasing their engagement of contingent workers to manage rising labour costs, supplement workplace talent and build their agility in a rapidly changing marketplace. Yet this workforce is usually managed at arm’s length through numerous third parties, creating significant risk and cost exposure, in addition to negatively affecting performance and engagement.

Under CXC’s contingent workforce management model, we become the human resource function for our clients’ contingent workforce. This ensures a streamlined approach to workforce management regardless of talent source, as well as clear accountability for all stages of a contingent worker’s contract through a single provider, aligned to your HR strategy.

Risk & Compliance

Are your contingent workers being managed compliantly and what risks are you exposed to?

Given the complexities of engaging and managing contingent workers, organisations need to be certain that the tools and processes they use will maximise productivity and minimise compliance challenges and risks.

Health & Safety

Who is managing the health and safety for your contingent workers?

As part of our duty of care to contingent workers, CXC manages workplace health and safety risk. We endeavour to provide the safest working environment to ensure that your contingent workers are performing efficiently and effectively.

Account Management
& Reporting

Is anybody helping you to solve your contingent workforce problems?

CXC’s account management framework is designed to work with corporates, contractors and partners to enable them to achieve their business goals.

Employed &
Self-Employed Solutions

Are your contingent workers engaged under a compliant engagement structure?

It is essential that your contingent workers are not misclassified to ensure your organisation does not fall foul to significant fines, tax and reputational damage.


How consistent, compliant and engaging is your onboarding process for contingent workers?

CXC has designed our contingent worker onboarding process to mitigate risk and optimise contractor productivity, while ensuring the worker is familiar with the key aspects of your operation and culture.


Is your offboarding process leaving you open to risk and missed opportunities?

CXC’s offboarding process is focused on providing a positive experience for the contractor and the client, while optimising re-engagement opportunities for known talent.

Care & Benefit Programs

How are you investing in the future of your contingent workers?

For most organisations, duty of care for contingent workers is lacking and contractor benefits programs are non-existent, yet the worker’s value to your organisation and engagement length may often be comparable to their permanent colleagues.

& Payroll

How consistent, compliant and effective is your contingent workforce payment and invoicing process?

CXC provides a simple invoice to payment process for your contingent workers that ensures complete transparency and compliance.