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Are you a contractor looking for the best-in-class job opportunities?

As the world of work continues to evolve, demand for skilled talent has exceeded supply. Companies are now realising that they are no longer in the driver’s seat.

We  work with contractors that are looking to develop their skills and have the best possible experience when engaging with organisations. We guide our contractors through the employment process and present them with opportunities to work with an exciting and extensive range of clients.

By signing up for the CXC Talent Team platform, you have the ability to:

  • Browse available job opportunities
  • Tailored alerts on roles specific to your skillset
  • Updates on market information and legislative changes

Once your input all your information, our recruitment team will review open positions within the talent community to match to your profile.

With CXC Talent Team you are one step closer to making smarter career choices.

“Individually, all people I’ve met or talked to are great representatives. They are very keen on giving us as a customer a great experience. When we sometimes get into details, they invest time in trying to understand and give an explanation on why things are not feasible.I’m looking forward to continuing to develop our partnership together.”

Peter G, Steering Committee – Jeppesen

“I love the help and assistance CXC is bringing to me as a worker. I love their kindness and positive attitude upon each communication. They are very accessible and highly responsive. With more complex cases I can always go to the local specialist that is working with me on-site and is familiar with the local peculiarities. The information package I’ve received upon my onboarding is really extensive but CXC team helps me to navigate within that.”

Agnieszka, Directly Sourced Candidate – Jeppesen

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