Direct Sourcing

Access quality contractor talent through direct sourcing

What is Direct Sourcing?

In its simplest form, Direct Sourcing, or RPO for contingent, is an enterprise talent strategy that leverages their own brand to source candidates directly for contingent & freelancer roles.

What can you expect from Direct Sourcing?

The key advantage of using contingent or contract workers is being able to respond quickly to market changes or react to business demands, such as increasing your workforce or accessing specialised skills when required.

Direct sourcing allows for a more flexible and talent-centric model of engaging with contract workers by creating a closer relationship between your organisations and the workers you need to get the job done. Direct sourcing allows for significant cost savings and cost avoidance through these direct contingent recruitment relationships.

CXC's Solution

CXC’s solution reduces cost per hire and time to hire. We give our clients access to the best contractor talent when they need it, while allowing them to recruit in advance for the future hiring needs of their business.

CXC Talent Team - Vendor Management System
Internal or known talent pool
External or unknown talent pool

CXC’s direct sourcing solution goes beyond job matching – we create a more competitive, comprehensive and flexible talent environment.

Direct Sourcing CXC Solution

Direct Sourcing Resources

We have curated a variety of materials for you to take a deep dive into the world of Direct Sourcing. If you are ready to get started with the process of implementing a direct sourcing programme, we have created a template to help you build a business case to present to your stakeholders.

Direct Sourcing Webinars
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Building a business case

CXC’s Direct Sourcing solution goes beyond job matching...

We create a more competitive, comprehensive, and flexible talent environment.

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