Direct Sourcing

Access quality contractor talent through direct sourcing

Are you struggling to discover, engage and retain the right contractor talent?

Smart companies are harnessing new sourcing models, such as online talent pools and direct sourcing, to engage quality talent. These models are proven to be a better, faster and a more cost-effective way to find skilled professionals that match your organisation’s needs.

CXC helps organisations access skilled professionals through direct sourcing solutions. We assist companies to source contractors through:

CXC Talent Team - Vendor Management System
Internal or known talent pool
External or unknown talent pool

CXC’s solution reduces cost per hire and time to hire. We give our clients access to the best contractor talent when they need it, while allowing them to recruit in advance for the future hiring needs of their business.

CXC’s direct sourcing solution goes beyond job matching – we create a more competitive, comprehensive and flexible talent environment.

“I really appreciate working with CXC on our direct recruitment projects. What I value the most is transparent communication and easy cooperation on the selection process. Throughout the process I’ve received all needed support and some additional motivation to refresh and enhance our recruitment toolkit. I like to see how candidates are interacting during the Assessment Centres, which was always conducted in a friendly but professional manner. And what is most important, I can focus on my main role and responsibilities while the documentation and onboarding are being handled by the CXC Team.”

Łukasz, Manager – Jeppesen