Polly Ng

Group Financial Controller
Polly Ng


Polly’s role is to manage the finance and operations team of CXC in Asia, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. Her role is to ensure CXC complies with the relevant country’s legal requirements on a company level as well as contractors’ side.

Polly started with CXC as a Payroll Manager for a corporate client in 2012. Since she is a Chartered Public Accountant (CPA), Polly has deep financial knowledge and experience. She was involved in all financial matters for CXC Hong Kong since 2013 and worked closely with the Asia financial controllers to build up the financial and operational framework of CXC. She has overseen the finance department since 2016.

Polly has developed her experience in managing the people during her time at CXC, while learning the running of the treasury function and policy setting.

When not working, Polly enjoys her time with family. They go to the beach in summer and hike in autumn and winter.