Direct Sourcing and Your Vendor Management System

In today’s Covid-19 world, more and more businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on external workforces. That’s why so many leading organisations are turning to direct sourcing as an effective means of engaging with contingent workers, rather than using outside staffing partners. Developing your own talent pool has many benefits, including greater control, faster response times, big savings in both time and money, better results and less risk. Plus, you know lot about the people you are dealing with.

But how do you create your own direct sourcing model? What’s the best way to do it?

Market leaders in contingent workforce management like CXC offer its clients some very smart talent technology that enables them to create and manage their own exclusive talent pool, customised precisely to their hiring needs. And it can all be accomplished using their existing Vendor Management System (VMS).

Companies such as Facebook, Thomson Reuters and Boeing Digital have all begun their direct sourcing journey and are already seeing some significant benefits for their business. Our advanced plug & play Direct Sourcing technology is available as a PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution that seamlessly integrates private and public talent pools into your existing sourcing process, from first contact through to settlement, without disrupting any of your existing workflows. This CXC direct sourcing platform, integrated with your VMS, not only enables you to attract qualified talent from online channels, it also allows you to engage with them through non-intrusive digital touchpoints like text/SMS or email, screen them faster with AI-based screening and retain them by offering a first class candidate experience. It’s a low cost, less hassle solution that gives you direct access to an enhanced range of labour channels and ensures you can directly locate, curate and engage with the contingent workers you need on an ongoing basis.

In addition to smart plug & play technology, Managed Services Providers (MSP), like CXC, also offer a suite of complimentary services to ensure your direct sourcing/contingent workforce management experience is as smooth, efficient and effective as possible. These services range from straightforward, no-obligation advice through to the supply of talent management and acquisition strategies and technologies, AI and a range of MSP (Managed Services Provider) services, all designed to give you greater control over every aspect of your contingent workforce.

cxc workforce management wheel

For example, are you managing the engagement and performance of both your permanent employees and contingent workers?

CXC’s Worker Engagement & Performance Services incorporates a workforce program that effectively becomes the HR function for your contingent workforce. With a total view of your contractors, CXC can provide recommendations on performance benchmarks against other leading organisations plus introduce a range of initiatives to drive improved worker engagement.

Is your contingent workforce program and reputation vulnerable to emerging risks?

CXC’s Compliance and Risk Framework ensures your organisation and your contingent workers are protected from ever-changing statutory and emerging risks. Our Enterprise Risk Mitigation Program ensures organisations have protection from risks that arise from program extensions including:

  • The introduction of new technology to source or manage contingent workers (e.g. VMS, freelance management, ATS and marketplace systems)
  • The mobility of workers globally to adhere to local legislation

Introducing innovative technology or adding a new recruitment supplier can provide many benefits, but organisations still need to ensure all workers are engaged compliantly. The integration of CXC’s solutions into your operations ensures your workforce is in full compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements. CXC has been providing and supporting organisations with immigration, tax, advisory and administrative services for over 25 years. We have over 30 local offices with services extending to over 50 countries.

Our services ensure a simple, seamless process for both the worker and organisation, mitigating the risks while minimising the administration process. We can customise solutions to meet your needs and support your values, enabling you to choose which services to manage externally vs. in-house. Additionally, we can help you achieve a real competitive advantage by maximising the effectiveness of all your recruitment supplier channels and harnessing technology, processes and people to significantly improve your operations overall. Visit our website for further details.

Like to know more about how CXC can help you develop a direct sourcing model for your business? And how they can help you take your contingent workforce management programs to the next level? Then don’t hesitate to contact us today on or call 6536 0334