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2023 Workforce Trends

As we enter 2023, one thing is very clear.  The pace has not slowed down. In fact, quite the opposite….

A Christmas message from CXC North America

With 2022 coming to an end, we wanted to take a moment to thank you and wish you a Merry…

Top 5 Advantages of Being a Freelancer

Are you considering freelancing as a career path for you? For those who haven’t tasted the waters, there is always…

A Company Would Like To Expand Overseas | What Are The Key Factors for International Expansion?

International Expansion Globalization and the fourth industrial revolution have made international expansion much more accessible to businesses around the world….

Contractor Vetting and Misclassification Lawsuit Review – Are you at risk?

2022 has seen more lawsuits and class actions against employers for misclassification of their workers. Read our review and find out if you’re at risk. Book at demo of CXC Comply.

Workforce Compliance Risk & Independent Contractor Compliance Solutions

How do you manage your contingent workers effectively to protect them and your business from compliance risks?   Risk exposure…

CXC Global listed in top providers for Nelson Hall’s NEAT Global EOR Report

Each year, renowned workforce research analysts, Nelson Hall, publish a Global Employer of Record Services report that providing a comprehensive…

Global Employer of Record

A new generation of employees is entering the workforce, while new technologies transform how we deliver work. Gain access top talent with niche expertise in the global talent market using global employer of record services.

Employer of Record Services in Canada

As a provider of managed services, CXC champions contingent workers in the gig economy. The increasing competition for top talent…

Currency Management – a Key Challenge for Corporates

A survey published by Deloitte revealed managing risk from global currency fluctuations to be a key challenge for corporate treasurers.  …

How To Recruit Talent for Startups by Tapping into a Global Network

Startup talent acquisition is key to getting your new business up and running or expanding into a new market. Learn more about CXC’s global talent management for startups

Independent Contractor Compliance – How US Tax Rates Compare to Other Countries

In today’s world of work, digital nomads can work anywhere, however they still need to be paid compliantly. Find out how contractor compliance solutions can lower your risk when engaging global talent.

How to Use Contingent Talent Solutions in the Post-Pandemic Workplace to Enable Business Success

Adopting a hybrid workforce model and using contingent talent will set your business up for success in today’s world of work, while attracting next generation top talent. Read more about some of the key factors you should consider and why.

SIA CWS Summit & GigE 2022 Conference. Unlock the Potential of the Extended Workforce

Outdated workforce strategies and traditional hiring models are a thing of the past. Read CXCs key takeaways from SIA’s CWS Summit 2022.

Agent of Record Vs Employer of Record – Which one and why?

What is the difference between an employer of record and agent of record.? When should you use them? Read our CWS Summit roundtable recap.

Global Payroll: Top 5 Challenges and Solutions

Whether expanding domestically or internationally, having freelancers and independent contractors is now a normal part of business. Ensure you choose the right global payroll service provider to minimize risk to your business. Read on to find out more.

How to access talent efficiently and reduce delays to your supply chain

Accessing talent in a time of talent shortage is an HR challenge. In this article we look at five initiatives that organizations can apply for long-term and sustainable talent acquisition.

A Guide to Digital Employee Onboarding

   New employee onboarding is a key internal process that organizations must strengthen to prevent a high employee turnover rate….

Workforce Management: How Workplace Environment Impacts Employee Engagement

A healthy work environment fosters a sense of well being throughout your workforce and is key to ensuring your workforce is engaged and productive. Find out why you should include it as part of your workforce management strategy.

How to Hire Workers from the Philippines | A Guide -CXC

Remote work opportunities continue to grow around the world, giving companies the opportunity to expand their talent pools and overcome…

International Strategy | Is your business ready?

By 2040, 60% of Level 4 consumers (people who live on more than $32 a day) will live outside the US, Canada, and the majority of European countries. Find out more about an international strategy and if your business is ready.

The Benefits Of Global Payroll Services

Contingent workforce and global payroll services go hand in hand. Learn more about the advantages of outsourcing to a global payroll service provider.

Active vs. Passive Candidates: What’s The Difference?

Active candidates can make talent acquisition an easier process, but there are benefits to focusing on passive candidates and finding talent in the ‘not so obvious’ places. Read our blog to find out the difference between the two.

Diverse Hiring Practices | How to Hire for Diversity

The benefits of a diverse workforce are many. In recent years we’ve seen greater attention to diversity and inclusion in…

Mexico PEO | How to Hire in Mexico

In the age of digital nomads, hire anyone, work anywhere has become a reality. Whether taking a DIY approach or using a third party, check out our how to hire in Mexico guide at CXC today

Global Payroll Compliance | Why Is It Important for Your Business?

Whether taking a DIY approach, or engaging an outsourcing company, compliance is essential to enable growth on a global scale.

PEO vs Insurance | What is right for your business?

    Expanding your business means hiring more support staff to help operate your growing enterprise. Companies always have the…

When is the Right Time to Consider Outsourcing?

If you’re wondering if it’s time for you to consider outsourcing for your business, let’s take a look at what exactly outsourcing is, and why businesses turn to it.

5 Ways To Use Communication To Keep Your Remote Foreign Workers Engaged

Communication is key to keeping your workforce engaged and is an essential tool to ensure the productivity of your foreign and remote workers. But how can you use communication to keep them engaged?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Choosing The Right Company

With a rapidly changing business environment, driven by new technologies, business leaders can no longer afford to view outsourcing as…

CXC Global proud sponsors at SIA Collaboration in the Gig Economy | Sept 20-22 | Dallas, TX

CXC Global are proud to be sponsors at Staffing Industry Analysts Collaboration in the Gig Economy to be held September…

CXC Global Sponsors at SIA CWS Summit Sept 19-20 in Dallas, TX

    CXC Global is delighted to sponsor the annual Contingent Workforce Strategies (CWS) Summit, September 19-20, 2022 in Dallas, TX! Staffing…

IT Outsourcing Risks and Challenges | A Deeper Look

Recent IT outsourcing trends involve artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, robotic process automation and cybersecurity. IT outsourcing is projected to reach $395 billion in 2022. Find out more about the risks and challenges.

Expanding Your Business to Canada | A Complete Guide

Can a US company do business in Canada? Find out more about expanding to Canada as we look at key factors and options for businesses.

How Technology Makes Global Expansion Easier | CXC COMPLY

Technology has made it easier for companies to expand globally. In this article, we explore some of the different ways that technology enables businesses to expand internationally.

Agent of Record | When Does your Business Require One

If you are looking for a cost-effective and efficient means to expand in another territory or abroad, an employer of record (EOR) is a smart choice. 

Employer of Record | An In-depth Guide | CXC Americas

If you are looking for a cost-effective and efficient means to expand in another territory or abroad, an employer of record (EOR) is a smart choice. 

How Blockchain Can Help with HR Processes | CXC AMERICAS

The global blockchain market is predicted to reach a value of $163 billion by 2027. In HRM, there are several companies and startups exploring the use of blockchain in HR processes to improve people management, communication and workflow operations.

Employer of Record Malaysia | CXC Americas

In 2022, CXC Global celebrates 30 years in business and providing employer of record, agent of record and PEO services…

Smart Contracts – The Future of Payroll? | CXC AMERICAS

Smart contracts for payroll have the potential to process near instant payment transactions, but there are some risks involved.

CCWP Certification – What is it and Why is it Important? | CXC AMERICAS

At CXC Global, our sales team are CCWP Certified, ranking them at the top of their field and giving them the edge they need to provide the best advice and service to assist our clients and partners.

Contingent Workforce Management Software | CXC AMERICAS

Learn more about how contingent workforce management software can enable your company to make the most of freelancers and contractors.

Not Feeling Engaged At Work?  7 Signs of a Disengaged Employee

Employee engagement impacts the work environment as a whole, for better or for worse. Learn how to identify and assist disengaged employees.

HR Information Management through Blockchain: What breakthroughs can we expect?

Global B2B cross-border transactions on blockchain will increase dramatically over the next few years and will reach 745 million by 2025. Find out more here about what to expect and how HR can co-evolve with technology.

Blockchain in human resources: A deeper look on its impact | CXC AMERICAS

Transformation is human resource management’s top strength. Blockchain and artificial intelligence are some of the new technologies that the whole HR industry should watch closely in order to keep up with the disruptions and revolution happening in the world of work.

14 Ways your business can benefit from the Gig Economy | CXC AMERICAS

Attract the talent you need by offering a flexible work environment. Find out how the gig economy can benefit your business.

Global payroll challenges – how to simplify payroll processing | CXC NORTH AMERICA

Find out what global payroll involves and identify the complex challenges that payroll operations face when managing local and country-specific labor rules.

Employer of Record Vietnam – Outsourcing in Vietnam | CXC AMERICAS

VIETNAM Vietnam, officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is a country in Southeast Asia. Located at the eastern edge of…

What does the digital workplace mean for the Remote Workforce in 2022?

Is your organization ready for the future? We’ve outlined 6 reasons why you should take advantage of the digital workplace and enable your future workforce.

What does Metaverse mean for the workforce of the future? | CXC AMERICAS

From internet to mobile, to meta, how will the Metaverse impact the workforce and future of work.

How will AI impact HR and the contingent workforce? | CXC AMERICAS

Find out how AI can be used in a practical sense in HR, recruitment and onboarding to enhance contingent worker engagement.

Expanding Business to the USA: Things to consider | CXC AMERICAS

When expanding business to the USA or planning international business expansion, is it worth setting up a subsidiary company in the USA? In this article we look at things you should consider.

Extended workforce platforms are becoming part of workforce optimization | CXC AMERICAS

Doug Leeby, CEO of Beeline talks about how workforce optimization includes capacity and demand planning of non full-time workers, while remote work opens up options for where and how we source.

5 Remote Workforce Management Tools | CXC AMERICAS

While the global pandemic caused many businesses to close down, it has also been somewhat of a catalyst to systematically…

What is a contingent worker? | CXC AMERICAS

While your organization can greatly benefit financially and productively from expanding your contingent workforce, it is crucial to consider the risks and challenges associated with hiring, managing and paying contingent workers.

Open Talent | Remote work is here to stay | CXC USA

In CXC’s Open Talent Report podcast, Pete A. Tiliakos of ISG and Connor Heaney of CXC EMEA talk about remote work and using globalization and technology to attract and retain top talent.

PEO Services in Mexico – Why expanding into Mexico could be right for your business

Find out how to expand your business and hire candidates with PEO services in Mexico

Workforce Optimization – 5 Tips to Make Contingent Workforce Management Easier

More organizations today are realizing the ROI from hiring contingent workers. The workforce of today is made up of a…

The Age of Digital Nomads – Deep Dive into a Millennial & Gen Z Labor Trend

What does the digital nomad lifestyle mean for employers who are engaging global contingent talent such as freelance workers and independent contractors?

Online Team Builders – Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

As a result of hybrid workforces and work from home or remote team scenarios, many companies are adopting virtual team building activities and online team building in order to help their workforces build rapport with each other.

Global Talent Management:  Overcoming Language Barriers

Find out how working with an employer of record can enable global expansion by overcoming the language barriers faced when engaging remote teams and global talent.

How Remote Work and Hybridization Changes Employment

Remote work has created new employment opportunities. Find out how it changes talent acquisition, productivity, and collaboration for the better.

Step by Step Guide to Hiring Global Employees in the United States

In 2022, it is easier than ever before to engage global talent to grow your business. Thanks to technology and…

The Talent Supply Chain: Convergence of Gig Economy and Remote Work

Organizations that embrace the gig economy, remote work or a hybrid workforce will benefit in the future of work, and their talent supply-chain will evolve to suit the changes in economic and workforce trends.

The Global Talent Contingent #104 | CXC NORTH AMERICA

The way talent is sourced and engaged around the world is constantly changing. Platforms and talent marketplaces make it easier…

What does The Great Resignation mean for companies looking to expand?

What are the catalysts for the great resignation and how might companies react to this new era?

What is Borderless Hiring and how can your organization benefit from it?

Hire anyone, from anywhere in the world, without the need to be present in a physical office.

Workforce Optimization: Recruit and Retain Flexible Workers

Smart organizations now incorporate flexible working as part of their overall workforce strategy to ensure their workforce is future ready. Find out how to recruit flexible workers successfully as well as retain them and keep them engaged and productive.

2021 Year in Review – The Great Resignation, U.S & Global Workforce Trends

The great resignation is affecting many corporations and their partners in the Human Capital Industry. For companies implementing a hybrid office with remote work post covid, worker resistance and an outbreak on new covid strains have caused delays.

PRESS RELEASE: CXC announces promotion of Konner Scherry, CCWP to Senior Global Solutions Manager

PRESS RELEASE PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2022 / – –  CXC Global North America are pleased to announce…

Transforming the Way Freelancers, Independent Contractors and Startups Work

Coworking spaces offer significant advantages for startups, freelancers, independent contractors and contingent workers. Learn more about the benefits here and how an EOR provider can help.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Foreign Workers in the US

If you consider expanding your global workforce, make sure you understand the advantages, disadvantages, risks and requirements of hiring foreign workers.

How to Pay Foreign Workers in the US and Other FAQs

Find out how to pay American workers overseas, foreign contractors in the US, source and hire employees in another country and comply with US tax regulations while ensuring full compliance with local labor laws.

Why use W8 BEN & W8 ECI forms when working overseas for a U.S Company

Looking for information about W-8 BEN and W-8 ECI forms? Discover here why use W8 BEN & W8 ECI forms when working overseas for a U.S Company!

A toolkit for recruiting and hiring a more diverse workforce

The modern global workforce is built on the foundations of major technological developments and the rise of contingent labor in…

5 of The Biggest Global Hiring Trends

The new trends in hiring a remote workforce have created a shift in how top talent is recruited on a global scale. Check out our 5 top global hiring trends.

How the Gig Economy Can Benefit You and Your Business

Gig Economy Benefits The rapidly expanding “Gig Economy” is not simply a change caused by economic conditions but rather a…

Gratitude for Contingent and Remote Workers Worldwide

Our gratitude to the contingent and remote workers worldwide for their continued hard work in challenging times and to our extended network.

HR Trends: Five Best Practices to Effectively Manage A Contingent Workforce

To ensure program success, HR professionals and team leaders need to know how to effectively manage contingent workers.

How to Build and Manage your Dream Remote Team

Building a remote team comes with its own set of challenges. In this article, we lay out some recommendations to make it easier and take a look at some of the nuances to consider when building a remote international team.

Global Talent Contingent #103

The Global Talent Contingent The way talent is sourced and engaged around the world is constantly changing. Platforms and talent…

Hire and Pay Workers in Canada

Whether engaging Canadian Nationals, Foreign Talent or looking to expand overseas, Canada has become a popular place for businesses. Find out what it takes to hire and pay workers in Canada.

World Mental Health Day – Should you include your contingent workforce?

Mental Health in the workplace October 10 is World Mental Health Day. The many unexpected and unplanned events that have…

Gig Economy Conference – SIA GIGE 2021 Key Takeaways

In September 2021, Staffing Industry Analysts held their annual SIA ‘GigE’ Collaboration in the Gig Economy Conference.  It was one…

How to Attract and Retain Top Independent Contractor Talent: 8 Powerful Tips

As third-party contractors become more critical to modern businesses, so do the acts of attracting and retaining them. Find out how to retain independent talent for the long term.

5 Ways to Minimize Worker Misclassification

CONTRACTOR COMPLIANCE Concerns about contractor compliance are a major factor for the majority of startups, mid-sized businesses and large corporations,…

How to Engage Talent When Expanding Overseas

Overseas expansion and engaging workers internationally comes with its own set of risks and challenges. Find out how to minimize your risk.

Why Talent Attraction Should Be Part of Your Contingent Workforce Management Strategy

Recruitment firms and talent acquisition professionals are now able to source talent from more avenues than ever before. Find out why it should be part of your contingent workforce management strategy.

Contingent Workforce Compliance Experts CXC Global at SIA GIGE Collaboration in the Gig Economy Sept 19-21

CXC COMPLY – Global independent contractor compliance platform, for vetting, worker classification, right to work checks, contractor payroll and payments worldwide. The first of its kind. Book a demo or stop by BOOTH A at SIA’s GigE2021 Sept 19-21 in Phoenix. Out of towners are invited to book a zoom call.

Large Enterprises Turn to Contingent Workforce and Start-ups

Enterprises are partnering with startups and contingent workforce to fill their talent requirements. Startups are expanding internationally and taking advantage of global opportunities by using HR Outsourcing partners. Find out more about this trend here.

Expand globally and engage talent anywhere using an HR Outsourcing company or PEO

In an interview with CXC’s Javier Romeu, he talks about the impact of globalization, global expansion and how to engage talent anywhere with the help of an HR Outsourcing company, also known as International Employer of Record or PEO.

Contingent Workforce and Global Partnership Insights

Listen to John and Mark on this podcast to learn more about Staffing, Managed Service Programs, Risk and Compliance.

The Global Talent Contingent #102

The Global Talent Contingent The way talent is sourced and engaged around the world is constantly changing. Platforms and talent…

Contingent Workforce Management – Choosing the Right MSP Model

While the benefits of utilizing a contingent workforce model are clear, the management of such a workforce also comes with its own unique set of challenges. Learn more here about the different types of MSP’s and which one is right for you.

Hire the Best Talent, the Right Way, Anywhere

Tune in to to listen to Javier Romeu interviewed about conducting business globally, managing the different cultures and their subtleties and advice about how to hire talent, the right way, globally.

Why Is Workforce Planning Important for the Growth of my Company

Workforce planning is the process for identifying and addressing the gaps between the workforce of today and the human capital needs of tomorrow. Learn more here about the elements involved in strategic workforce planning.

The Global Talent Contingent #101

The mission of this International Contingent Workforce digital paper is to share the top, recent workforce news and global happenings.

3 Contingent Workforce Trends That Will Continue to Impact Your Company in 2021

Whatever industry you are in, workforce trends show a significant percentage of your workforce will be made up of contingent workers throughout 2021 and the coming years. In this article we’ve listed 3 contingent workforce trends to be aware of.

NelsonHall 2021 Next Generation Contingent Workforce Services and MSP

CXC are proud to participate in the NelsonHall 2021 Next Generation Contingent Workforce Talent and MSP report. Access the report here.

5 Tips for Reducing Remote Workforce Turnover

Hiring remote workers internationally can open your company up to new ideas and mind-sets, that will ultimately assist your business growth. Learn more about remote workforce best practices and reducing remote workforce turnover.

5 Common Contingent Workforce Management Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Contingent workforce management mistakes can cripple your organization with litigation and fines. Learn about the common mistakes and how to fix them.

What is a Contingent Worker and how can they benefit my organization?

Organizations with an existing global footprint or who are looking to expand globally, are increasingly adopting a global contingent workforce approach. Learn more here about different types of workers and how a contingent worker can benefit your organization.

New task force to crack down on employee misclassification

Worker classification and compliance is in the spotlight once again. A few years ago in Arizona, a group of workers…

How a Global Employer of Record can assist with HR Challenges in Finance

  The financial services sector is facing new challenges in today’s technology enabled world. Not only are they responsible for…

Best Practices for Relocating Your Global Workforce During COVID-19

Whether it’s one worker or your entire workforce, relocation of workers can be tricky. Find out more about relocation of global workers, if it’s necessary and how to go about it.

6 Tips for Effectively Managing Remote Workers

Companies in the United States and around the world have been forced to embrace the remote work model for their…

Remote Work and the Organization of the Future

Companies all around the world have adopted new hybrid workforce models and are changing the way they engage their workers. …

The future of Online Staffing, Remote Work and MSP’s

In an interview with the World Staffing Summit, John Smith, Managing Director CXC Global America’s shares his thoughts and insights…

Using automation to ensure compliance and adherence to global labor laws

Learn more about how verification and right-to-work checks can now be done from end to end with the click of a button and basic-level information from your organization.

Key factors your company should ensure before engaging foreign self-employed workers

The trend for engaging foreign independent contractors around the world is catching on.  More companies in the USA and Canada…

How companies in the USA and Canada can engage foreign independent contractors

Overview Over the last few years and continuing into 2021, Independent and Self-Employed contractor classification and tax avoidance globally has…

IR35 Reform April 2021. What it means for companies in the USA.

What USA companies need to know The IR35 self-employed reform is coming to the United Kingdom in April 2021. WHAT…

Global Employer of Record. What you need to know.

Looking to rapidly and compliantly engage workers anywhere in the world? Our global teams are asked questions every day about…

What it’s like working for a top global employer of record

You might know what a global employer of record is, but do you know what it’s like working for one…

Top 3 Reasons to Expand Your Staffing Organization Globally

FINDING THE RIGHT TALENT To meet the talent needs of their clients, find the best candidates, and maintain their competitive…

GEO and IPEO Specialist Javier Romeu, joins the CXC Global Americas team

January 4, 2021 Portland, Oregon:  CXC Global are pleased to announce Javier Romeu has joined their North America group as…

What to expect from a Global PEO company

Many SMB companies are choosing to use a PEO  as their outsourced HR function. In the US alone, PEO’s (Professional…

HR statistics and trends for your 2021 workforce planning

Check out these HR Statistics and Trends to keep in mind when conducting your workforce planning for 2021.   HR…

Top 5 HR Trends for 2020

2020 has been a game changer for most organizations and workers around the world.  Most departments within organizations have been…

Expand your business with an International PEO Company

CXC are delighted to be have been selected in The Best PEO Companies report published by DesignRush. Part of CXC’s…

CXC Global Contractor Management Solutions to sponsor SIG Insights Global Executive Summit, Oct 13-15 2020

SIG Global Executive Summit 2020 This year’s summit will be a virtual event, with keynotes, roundtables, booths, break-away sessions and…

Valuing the human connection with your contingent workforce

Changes to how we work 2020 has ushered in a dramatic change to the way we conduct business on a…

Workforce onboarding in 2020. What comes next after identifying the talent?

Remote working has been around for years, but in recent times has become more popular because of the flexibility it…

Is the grass really greener? Comparing the lives of office Employees and Full-time Freelancers

For the roughly 44 million Americans rocking a side hustle outside of their standard office hours, banking a few extra…

Are You a Procurement Professional? Digital Millenial Meetup

Attention Procurement Professionals! We’re coming up on the August Millennial Meetup hosted by Ali Music with Sourcing Industry Group. This…

Workforce Management Strategies 101 (PEO/GEO/EoR/AoR)

Despite the COVID pandemic, so many businesses today operate globally; and will continue to do so. But if your company…

Transforming and Optimizing the Talent Supply Chain SIA GIGE 2020 Virtual Conference

This year’s Collaboration in the Gig Economy Conference GIGE 2020 is going online for a virtual conference. CXC are excited…

Can independent contractors make more working remotely?

Pay rates vary significantly throughout the U.S and are relative to each state in terms of housing prices, cost of…

What are the top paying US cities for gig workers?

A recent report released by Wonolo, shows the top US cities for gig workers, where the pay rate is higher…

PEO. EOR. GEO. IEOR Understand the difference and know which solution is best for your business

Which solution is best for your business? International Employer of Record (IEOR) International PEO (IPEO) Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) The…

Are H1B Visa restrictions impacting your business?

H1B Restrictions Has your company’s global contingent workforce been impacted by travel restrictions? Do you have contingent workers impacted by…

De-risking Your Global Contract Workforce: The Why and How for American Business

While protectionist rhetoric has taken over the current political climate, penetrating new markets and otherwise operating in foreign countries will…

The Future of Contingent Work

The fourth industrial revolution has arrived and with its arrival, we are faced with a multitude of new technologies.  The…

State of the Free Agent Nation and Contingent Workforce 2020

In recent years, many organizations have tapped into the contingent workforce, but the future of such work arrangements is uncertain….

Engaging foreign and expat workers with mobility and travel restrictions

U.S Immigration With the announcement of a pause on U.S immigration and the prospect of H1-B work visas not being…

Global Payroll Week

This week marks the kick off for the third annual Global Payroll Week (GPW) from April 27 through to May…

Expand And Manage Your Global Workforce With a Global PEO

The structure of the workforce has changed dramatically in the last couple of months.  Businesses all around the world are…

US Federal Stimulus – Impact on Freelancers / Contractors and Self Employed

US Government Stimulus Unemployment and Paid Sick Leave for freelancers / self-employed – contract workers / independent contractors LIFELINE FOR…

CXC and Spend Matters – Emerging Contingent Workforce Talent Sourcing Trends

On March 24, 2020 CXC hosted a webinar with Spend Matters to look at some of the emerging trends in…

Reducing Risk with Compliance and Correct Classification

Emerging Global Contingent Workforce Talent Sourcing Trends. Throughout the world, companies have substantially accelerated the use of contingent contract workers…

Emerging Global Contingent Workforce Talent Sourcing Trends Webinar

Is your company engaging contingent talent in the USA and globally? The workplace has changed dramatically over the past decade.   The…

Contingent Workforce Vetting, Compliance and Classification

COMPLIANCE Companies in the U.S. and around the world, are becoming more concerned about worker classification and misclassification.  Non-compliance can…

The State of Free Agent Nation and Contingent Workforce 2020 Survey

State of the Industry Report In today’s gig economy, employers are struggling with the best ways of acquiring and managing…

SIA CWS Summit Europe 2020 – Contingent Workforce Professionals

Join us in London April 21-22 CXC are proud be the official network sponsors at the 2020 SIA CWS Europe…

The Evolution of the Contingent Workforce – an Interview with John Smith, celebrating 10 years CXC Global Americas

CXC Americas Celebrating 10 years! As we enter into 2020 and look to the next decade, we would like to…

Experts in Contingent Workforce Program Management

You can trust in CXC and our solutions experts to deliver the best service offerings for your domestic and international payroll and compliance needs.

CXC Global Recognized as Best in Class for International Contractor Management, Payroll and Compliance

RANKED TOP FOR GLOBAL PROVIDERS CXC Global a 28 year worldwide provider of employed, independent & self-employed contractor management, has…

Attracting Top Talent: How the need for flexibility fits with today’s contingent workforce

Traditionally the role of caregiver has fallen to women and although more men are taking on the role, statistics show…

Top 5 HR Priorities for a Successful Future of Work

Most business leaders today realize there’s a multitude of changes to how we work, taking place across almost every industry….

Workforce Trends and Technology of the Future – Asia & Global

The CXC global team were honored to present at the American Chamber of Commerce Vietnam for the, ‘The Workforce of…

The Workforce of the Future: Global Trends and Technology

The world of work is changing. As the number of contingent workers is growing, companies are forced to reassess their…

Independent Contractor…to be or not to be

To be or not to be is the opening phrase in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.  In the speech, Prince Hamlet uses…

Changes to Worker Classification in California from January 1, 2020

AB5 California Assembly Bill 5 was introduced by California assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez and endorsed by Governor Gavin Newsom. It was approved by…

The CXC team get certified – SIA’s CCWP training at Amazon campus in Seattle, WA

Konner Scherry who recently joined the CXC North America team as Global Solutions Manager, is the next team member to…

PRESS RELEASE: Konner Scherry joins CXC Americas as a Global Solutions Manager Americas and International

The CXC team are pleased to welcome Konnor Scherry to the North America team as Global Solutions Manager for the…

Contingent Workforce Certification – The CXC Team Get Certified!

We are serious about the contingent workforce and so is our team! CXC North America’s Jack Stone and Mark Langston…

Benefits and Challenges of Offshore Recruiting

Today, the global workforce market is more dynamic than ever, and that dynamo shows no sign of slowing. One of…

How to hire contingent workers around the globe — and stay in compliance

  The world is getting smaller every day, helped along by technologies that allow us to connect to people, activities…

Converting Full Time Employees to Contractors During Global Mergers and Acquisitions

Summary This paper reviews how three US based companies converted groups of full time employees in five countries to contractors…

Employer of Record and Agent of Record Solutions – Canada

CXC Global partners with companies, who utilize contingent labor (staffing organizations, independent recruiters, and corporations) to manage administrative tasks, control…

Get the benefits of hiring contingent workers without the potential risks

Do you require the help of temporary workers to accomplish day-to-day tasks? Are you a startup that needs to engage…

CXC Global Sponsors at SIA GigE2019. Meet our Leadership Team!

San Diego
September 10-12, 2019

CXC are proud sponsors of SIA’s GigE2019

Direct Sourcing Talent and Global Compliance: How it Impacts Your Contingent Program

Beeline Webinar with CXC Global Today’s corporate workforce is becoming more agile and blended with a combination of full time…

Globalization the Impacts on the Gig Economy

Globalization Globalization in terms of businesses and individuals is an ongoing topic of discussion and conversation in today’s world of…

CXC Global North America – Director Client Partnership Development Manager

We’re Growing our North American team! CXC Global Americas is adding to our North America Team. Our dynamic growth with…

IPOs and the Human Capital Compliance Factor

Workforce Risk The reason risk is often overlooked is executives, managers and professionals took a chance on working for a…

Determination and Persistence In and Out of the Office

Determination and Persistence Two qualities that run throughout our team and that contribute to each person’s success are determination and…

Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

Wishing our clients, contractors, partners and colleagues a happy thanksgiving from CXC Global Americas. We thank you for your continued support.

Extended Workforce Planning and Budget for 2019

With 2019 just around the corner, businesses of every size and individuals / independents are in the process of working…

GigE2018 – Recap – Gig Economy – Platforms – Innovation – Program Management

We recently attended GIGe2018 which brought to light imminent changes in contingent workforce sourcing. Read on to find out what we learned.

SIA GigE2018 – Collaboration in the Gig Economy – Key Takeaways

Here’s what we learned from the SIA GigE2018 conference. If you’re involved in contingent or on-demand talent engagement, you’ll want to read this.

Payroll and Compliance in the Platform Age

Payroll responsibilities are many and varied, especially in today’s platform age. Check out this infographic for key considerations.

Workforce Strategies Now To Include Skilled Contractors

The composition of today’s workforce is always evolving. How do we source the right talent at the right time while minimising risk? Find out here.

CXC Global to lead roundtable discussion at SIA’s Collaboration in the Gig Economy

We will lead the discussion on ‘Payroll and Compliance in the Platform Age’ at SIA’s Collaboration in the Gig Economy event. Here’s what we’ll cover.

How Businesses Can Benefit From The Gig Economy

The gig economy is growing but many businesses are yet to see the benefits. Here we discuss how to recognise the full potential of the gig economy.

The Use of Start-ups and Contingent Staff by Large Companies Becoming More Common

A Shift In Mindset for Large Enterprises In the past we have talked about startups and their use on contingent…

PRESS RELEASE: Beeline Expands Partner Ecosystem with Global Contingent Workforce Provider CXC Global

        Seattle WA., August 7, 2018  — Beeline, the global leader in cloud software solutions for managing the…

Foreign Exchange / Currency Conversion; How Some Companies Raise the Rates

Conversion rates are complex and ever-changing. Find out how poor management of conversion rates impact workers in companies with global presence.

Should Governments Engage Contractors If They Owe Taxes?

Governments are now embracing the gig economy by using more project-based workers. So what happens when hired contractors owe taxes? Find out here.

Cryptocurrency, Contractor Payments and Statutory Costs

The prediction that all flat currencies will become cryptocurrencies presents new challenges to businesses. We can help you stay compliant.

A Talent Driven Market – What It Means for Employers

An emerging trend shows workers are quitting permanent jobs in search of a better work-life balance. Is contract work the answer? Find out here.

Why Partner with CXC Global, leaders in Compliant Contingent Workforce Solutions

For 26 years, companies with global contingent workforces have entrusted CXC Global with workforce management solutions. Read on to find out why.

CXC Global Announce Partnership with Bunker Insurance

We are happy to announce our recent partnership with Bunker Insurance, enabling our independent contractors to have the coverage they require.

Contingent Workforce Talent Supply Chain

Digitization has changed the contingent workforce and we expect more significant changes in the next few years. Don’t get caught out. Call us today.

Global Payment Facilitators and Compliance

Not all payments are compliant It’s been said before that anyone can pay anybody anything, but whether it’s compliant or…

2018 FIFA World Cup – Global Teams Unite!

The FIFA World Cup is about to kick off! On behalf of CXC Global, we’d like to wish the teams the best of luck in this exciting global event.

Foreign Companies Engaging Contingent Workers

Managing a global workforce comes with many challenges. Minimise risk and stay compliant with an outsourced workforce solutions partner.

Trade Agreements, Tax and the Global Contingent Workforce

If you manage global operations, it’s important to know that home countries want tax revenue from workers within their borders. Are you compliant?

Is the coworking the key to increase productivity in companies?

Shared workspaces create collaborative, creative environments for professionals, as described in El Espectador newspaper. Read the article here.

Technology’s Role in Accessing Gig Workers via Platforms : California Contractor Classifications

Technology platforms must be more accurate with worker classification as ruled by the California Supreme Court. Read the article by here.

Governments Embracing the Gig Economy

As the gig economy continues to grow, governments are also seeing the benefits of hiring gig workers to fill staffing gaps. Read on to learn more.

The Greenback and International Currency for Contractor Payments

The US dollar meets criteria for a dominant international currency which is why it remains the currency of choice for international transactions.

Shale Drillers and Companies: Looking Across Borders for Talent

The growing US domestic shale drilling industry has an increasing need for workers. Is seeking talent from neighbouring countries the solution?

Understanding The Freelance Economy and Specialized Workforce

A study conducted by Fiverr looked at gaining a better understanding of specialised independent workers in the US. Take a look at the findings.

Should Employees be Required to ‘Vouch’ for Contractors?

Tesla’s Elon Musk is asking contractors to prove their value in order to reduce contracted staff. This also impacts permanent staff. Find out how.

International Talent and the Global Energy Sector

Opening borders to international talent is vital for growth in the global energy sector. In this post, we explain how this could be under threat.

Compliance is Still Key When Accessing Global Talent Across International Borders

In this post, we look at the GDPR and how US companies can protect themselves. We also explain why a compliance-first strategy is best practice.

International Human Capital Combined with Innovation Spurring Success

A recent article by The New York Times looks into Greece’s past economic struggles and the positive turnaround they are now seeing. Read more here.

Serious about the Global Contingent Workforce

We are pleased to announce our Director of Global Client Solutions has obtained his CCWP Certification. Find out what this means for CXC Global.

International Supply Chain Restrictions and The Impact on Global Project-based Workers

International trade barriers will impact the 2018 forecast of world economic growth by the IMF. Read on to learn the dangers of restricting trade.

Big U.S. Companies Reveal How Much They Rely on Overseas Workers

Multinational companies are now required to disclose how much they rely on workers in lower-cost countries. Will this affect you?

Apple, Clean Energy and a Multinational Hybrid Workforce

Apple has announced its global facilities are now fully powered by clean energy. Many other global businesses are following suit. Find out more.

Do you desire international insight and content from reputable and trusted sources?

Connect with our management team on LinkedIn and Twitter and stay informed with all the latest developments in the global contingent workforce.

IPO’s and Utilization of Global Project-based Workers Outside the U.S.

Hiring project-based workers outside the US requires compliance with laws and currencies of the contractor’s residing country. Find out more here.

Startups in Japan: Ensuring Compliance When Using Project-based Talent

Startups often use project-based workers in their early stages to allow for flexibility, but this poses a huge compliance risk. Find out why.

Using Outsourcing to Improve Access to Global Talent & New Technology

Outsourcing allows for much more than just cutting costs. Discover the benefits of adopting a strategic view of outsourcing within your company.

Accessing Global Project Based Talent

Hiring global talent can boost your company’s potential, but for these workers to succeed their leaders must be forward-thinking. Find out more.

Alternative Payments and Currencies for Contractors

Many use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as an “alternative payment” method while neglecting to understand the risks. Learn the risks here.

Safely On-boarding and Off-boarding an International Contingent Workforce

Within the first year of running a business, there’s a high chance you’ll be hacked. Here are 6 tips to ensure you’re the whole team is on high alert.

CXC Future of Work Forum – Malaysia

Accessing on-demand talent is an increasing trend across Asia. Join us in Malaysia in March 2018 to learn the impacts of the future of work.

Overseas Worker Classification – Using Local Experts

Overseas worker classification is a complex factor in hiring global contingent workers. As experts in this field, we can eliminate compliance risk.

CXC Global Attending SIA Collaboration in the Gig Economy

CXC Global will be at the 2018 SIA Collaboration in the Gig Economy Conference. Follow the link in the post to arrange a meeting with our attendees.

Meet our Global Solutions Team!

Our global solutions team are responsible for contractor management solutions around the globe. Get in touch with our expert team here.

2018 Conferences to attend. See you there!

2018 is going to be an exciting year for insightful conferences. Take a look at what we think will be well worth attending. Hope to see you there!

Are you engaging project-based workers outside of the U.S?

Engaging project-based workers from outside the US comes with a number of responsibilities. Let CXC Global be your advisers. Find out more here.

Happy Holidays 2017 from CXC Global Americas

The CXC Global Americas Team would like to wish all our contractors, clients, partners, global teams and colleagues the happiest of holidays.

Accessing Global Talent Quickly Causes Misconceptions

International project-based workers come with different responsibilities to US counterparts. In this post, we look at what managers need to know.

Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

On behalf of the CXC Global Americas team, we would like to wish our clients, contractors and colleagues a safe…

HR, Tech and Global Talent on the Agenda for the 2017 CXC Global Director’s Conference #CXCDConf

The 2017 CXC Global Director’s Conference will address some hot topics including HR, tech and global talent. Hope to see you there!

Engaging the Global Contingent Contractor Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities

In this post, Andrew Karpie interviews our Director of CXC Global Americas about the evolving contingent workforce and how to prepare for change.

SIA Collaboration in the Gig Economy

Here’s what we learned from the SIA GigE2017 conference. If you’re involved in contingent or on-demand talent engagement, you’ll want to read this.

CXC Global Attending Gig Economy Conference and CCWP Certification Training

The CXC Global team will be at the Gig Economy Conference in Dallas in September. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with us. See you there!

2017 Mid Year Review

We’re celebrating our 25th anniversary at CXC Global. Take a look at what our leadership team and analyst have to say about the future of work.

Get Social with CXC Global!

Here at CXC Global, we value our global connections. Subscribe to our blog at stay up to date with global contingent workforce trends.

How Many People Have Side Hustles?

Many Americans have a “side hustle” to earn secondary income, but technology is changing the kinds of extra work we’re looking for. Find out how.

Recruiting for the Gig Economy

Recruiting gig workers takes a shift in mindset towards the way we view talent. Find out what we should be doing when engaging contingent workers.

Contingent Workforce , Deloitte and the Challenge For Businesses

A recent report published by Deloitte highlighted the many challenges companies face. Find out how CXC Global’s workforce solutions can solve them.

The IT Gig Economy: Are Freelances or FTEs Your Best Fit?

Small business are finding it increasingly difficult to fill jobs in cybersecurity. The solution is in the gig economy. Find out why.

BioTech Sector looking to Contingent Workforce Business Model

A recent report outlines the reasons why the BioTech sector is considering hiring a global contingent workforce to fill skill gaps. Read more here.

The Future of Global Procurement, Talent Acquisition & Talent Management – SIGSpring17 Recap

Our leadership team recently attended SIG Spring 17 Conference in Florida and came away with some great insights. Find out what they are.

De-Risking Your Global Contract Workforce: The Why and How for American Businesses

Hiring international contractors comes with compliance risks that many companies may not understand. Let us manage this risk for you.

The Liquid Workforce – Get Your Game On

Trends show a rise in outsourcing talent across many different industries. In this post, we explain why this is happening. Read about it here.

Sourcing & Technologies – HRU San Diego

Join us at the HRU Sourcing and Technologies Unconference in May 2017 for an opportunity to meet with forward-thinking recruitment organisations.

Building a World-Ready Workforce

There are many aspects of expanding a business to the global market. A recent study highlighted the main challenges and how to face them head-on.

H1-B Visas – Going Where the Talent Is

The new H-1B VISA is for specialized workers employed by local companies who say they cannot find the skills in America. Find out more here.

International HR and Recruitment Conference: HRU Seattle Recap

The New World of Work The future of work is fast approaching and some would argue that it has already…

Leveraging Your Strategy, Technology and Local Connections/Partnerships to Expand Globally – Executive Forum

    2017 Global Expansion, Technology and Talent Forum CXC Global Americas are pleased to announce that Managing Director John…

HRO Today Global – GLOBAL HR SUPERSTARS – See Who’s Among the Best!

Global HR Superstars are fully committed to their workforce. Our very own Managing Director, John Smith, is now recognised in the analyst category.

Best Practices When Engaging Global Talent

Our CXC Global leaders recently lead a discussion at HRU Seattle about the different solutions and risks for engaging contractors.

International IT Contractors payroll issues? Service your clients and expand your recruitment footprint globally.

CXC Global have 25 years’ experience in handling the admin and compliance involved in paying global contingent workers. Find out more here.

How to Effectively Manage and Engage Contingent Workers Globally. #HRUSeattle

Sourcing talent globally presents numerous challenges. Join CXC Global’s John Smith for a free-flowing discussion on this topic.

Ready for Work AND Play? #SIGspring17

Hear from industry leaders, discover new trends and be amongst like-minded professionals at the SIG Global Summit. Find out more here.

Global Contractor Management – You’re in Safe Hands

With 25 years’ experience in contingent workforce solutions, your global contract management is in good hands with CXC Global. Find out more here.

CXC GLOBAL, Global leaders in Contingent Workforce Solutions Celebrates 25 Years! #CXC25TIPS

We are proud to celebrate 25 years as global leaders in contingent workforce solutions. Find out how we got here and what’s ahead for us.

Going Global? Your Trusted Advisor for International Contractor Compliance

We’ve Got You Covered With the expanded global utilization of contingent contractors by corporations for project, statement of work and…

2016 A Year of Growth

2016 was a year of growth for CXC Global North America, as we welcomed new clients, human capital partners and…

Key Factors for Startups Expanding Internationally

Startups and Global Growth Startups have been steadily gaining more attention in the last few years, particularly in the digital…

Platform Companies: Your Workforce is in the News. Get Compliant With CXC

Platform service providers are in the news on a regular basis, especially this year, as employment definitions, union participation, and…

Contingent Workforce & Compliance: How to minimize your business risk

Contingent Workforce Businesses strives for any competitive advantage they can gain in the greater pursuit of financial success, product improvement…

Keeping your Workforce Up to Speed with Global Growth

The momentum of global growth across your business is difficult to maintain if your workforce isn’t flexible and compliant in…

The Trump Card and its Impact on Outsourcing and the Global Contingent Workforce

The U.S. Presidential Election 2016 We’re now on the other side of the U.S. Presidential Election 2016, with President Elect…

Going Global: Resources for Expansion from CXC

Globalization is no laughing matter, and CXC understands the sheer quantity that needs to be done when you’re looking at…

Currency Management – a Key Challenge for Corporates

A survey published by Deloitte revealed managing risk from global currency fluctuations to be a key challenge for corporate treasurers.  Access the…

CXC Global appoints new Global Client Solutions Director

Louis Calamaras joins the CXC Global team. We are pleased to welcome Louis B. Calamaras to the CXC Global North…

Partnering with a Global ‘CMO’ to ensure global compliant worker engagement

The World-Wide Workforce The introduction of the new World-Wide Workforce, as covered extensively in a whitepaper by well known workforce analyst…

Gig Economy high on the agenda at the 2016 CXC Global Director’s Conference in Malaysia #CXCDConf

Global Collaboration The month of October 2016, Malaysia will welcome directors from across the globe for the annual CXC Global Director’s…

The world’s most influential languages and the benefit of having a global partner

Influence on Business What makes a language influential? Is it one with the most speakers? Or perhaps it’s the language…

Trends, Disruption, and Food: How the Global Food Industry is Changing

Staffing Solutions for Changing Trends in the Food Industry This Storify gives you the lowdown and some staffing solutions you…

Blockchain and Banking: Disruption on a Global Scale [INFOGRAPHIC]

Blockchain technology is being touted as an infinitely disruptive force in the banking sector. A large amount of this hype…

Flexible, versatile workers will be key for future job types: report

Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum released The Future Of Jobs, a report that examines worldwide trends in employment,…

Contingent Labor: Getting the Gig Economy Right

“Part of CXC Global’s mission is to educate and share knowledge with companies around the globe on compliance trends. When…

The Future of Work: How and Why, from a Global Perspective

The Future of Work is a topic that is bringing organisations together in order to discuss best practices around recruitment,…

Globalization, Tech and the Gig Economy: 2016 So Far

2016 has been a year of great change so far, and no sector has been left untouched. From world economies…

Canada Class Action Independent Contractor Misclassification Lawsuit

A major Canadian energy company has been hit by a class action lawsuit for independent contractor misclassification for their 7000…

CXC Global – Going for Gold in Brazil along with the Athletes of the 2016 Olympic Games

As the world focuses its attention on Brazil in the 2016 Summer Olympics, CXC Global is proud to play a part in…

The Future of Work: Uncharted Policy Waters (Video)

At CXC Global, we specialise in managing the risks, constraints, and opportunities that are ever-present in the growing gig economy….

The Future of Work – Impacts of the Gig Economy

              What is the “Gig” Economy and why is it important?  It is the…

The Uberization of Labor – Benefits and Risks

              The relationship between employers and employees is changing very quickly.  It used to…

Global Workforce Strategy: It’s A New World Of Work

              Countries are now competing for business AND for talent.  In some ways, governments…

Why Outsource Your Global Contractor Payroll to a “Trusted Advisor”

Image courtesy of pauloliverpblog Why should a company outsource their global contractor payroll, compliance and management needs rather than build…

The importance of localized “experts” and services in supporting global contingent workforce programs – #CXCComply

          Image courtesy of Today’s contingent workforce is growing and evolving exponentially: within the next…

Changes Impacting Your Global Workforce and How to Navigate

Image from   Navigating global HR and payroll issues are hard.  But you can do it and people are counting on…

US – D.O.L Fight Against Independent Contractor Misclassification

                  The Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division and the Virginia…

What is a CMO, why do you need it and how will a CMO protect your organization? #CMO

With the expanded global utilization of contingent contractors by corporations for project, statement of work and the emerging gig economy,…

Partnering with a Global ‘CMO’ to ensure global compliant worker engagement

Global Contractor Compliance and Worker Engagement. According to the results of a recent survey conducted by ADP, concerns about global…

CXC Global and Qwil Partner to Deliver Instant Pay to CXC Global Contractors

        Workforce solutions leader CXC Global™ and fintech pioneer Qwil have announced a formal partnership to provide…

PRESS RELEASE – CXC Global & Sequensant Partner

  CXC Global is pleased to formulate a global partnership with Sequensant, a global contingent workforce supply chain company. Bill…

CXC Global and Qwil Partner to Deliver Instant Pay to CXC Global Contractors

        San Francisco, CA; June 14, 2016 – Workforce solutions leader CXC Global™ and fintech pioneer Qwil…

MSP, VMS, FMS – CXC Underpinning the Contingent Worker Ecosystem

Where does CXC Global fit among the VMS / FMS and Global MSP Community? Contingent Workforce – 50 by 20…

“Brown Bag Lunch” Webinar Series II – Contractor Compliance and Payroll Trends in Canada and Globally * FREE WEBINAR *

                CXC Global are delighted to bring you the next FREE WEBINAR in our Brown…

PRESS RELEASE – CXC Global partner with Sequensant

          CXC Global is pleased to formulate a global partnership with Sequensant, a global contingent workforce…


“Globalization and the Future of Work Forum” The Future of Work, how we work, the way workers are engaged, how…

Globalization and the Future of Work Forum – Embracing the new World of Work

“Globalization and the Future of Work Forum” The Future of Work, how we work, the way workers are engaged, how…

CXC Align with Gallagher and Consultants to create Best in Class Global Contingent Workforce Solutions

  CXC Corporate Services, a CXC Global company and the global leader in multi-country compliant contingent workforce solutions, has entered…

CXC Global at Bloomberg BNA Conference

  On March 23, 2016 in Raleigh, NC CXC Global America’s JP Gooch, Global Director of Client and Partner Solutions presented at the…

CXC Global Canada at Acsess 2016 National Conference, Niagara Falls, Ontario

    CXC Global Canada and CXC Corporate Services are proud to be exhibitors at the upcoming Acsess Canada 2016 National Conference on April…

The Ecosystem Model – Today’s Approach in Managing the New Generation of Contingent Workforce

  Ecosystem – a system, or a group of interconnected elements, formed by the interaction of a community of organisms…

Meet the Speakers! Globalization and the Future of Work Forum #CXCFutureofWork

  On April 5th, 2016 CXC Global and CXC Corporate Services, in collaboration with CXC Global America’s, are hosting the…

CXC Global, Recognized for Global Contractor Compliance & Payroll

          Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) has recognized CXC Global for the second year running as a…

2016 Global Industry Events to Attend

2016 is now well underway and people are lining up which conferences to attend around the globe.  We know you can’t attend…

PRESS RELEASE: Elevate and CXC partner to create a unique value proposition

  4th February 2016 – PRESS RELEASE “Elevate and CXC partner to create a unique value proposition” CXC Corporate Services,…

Contingent Labor: Getting The Gig Economy Right

“Part of CXC Global’s mission is to educate and share knowledge with companies around the globe on compliance trends. When…

Contingent Workforce Expansion and Global Compliance Management – Whitepaper

It is no secret that today’s contingent workforce, which is comprised of temporary staff, freelancers, independent talent, and SOW-based labor,…

The Contingent Workforce – 2016 and Beyond!

“2015 was a fantastic year for the CXC Global team, in terms of growth of market and responding to client needs….

Unions, Strikes and the Contingent Workforce

What happens when there’s a strike and employees that are unionized are going to stop working? CBC News has published…

Global Compliance: Crackdown on IC misclassification for Contingent Workforce

We’ve been talking about it for a while now.  Worker Misclassification.  The way that companies engage their workers and how…

CXC Global North America – Contingent Workforce News 2015

2015 was a year of growth for CXC Global North America, with new countries added to our global portfolio of…

The Gig Economy. So… what’s it all about? #CXCFutureofWork

The ‘Gig Economy’ is the subject of many articles, research papers, discussions at conferences et al, however, it has become apparent…

Challenges of Doing Business in Multiple Countries

If you’re thinking about expanding your business offering outside of your current geographical location, there are many things to take…

Climate Change and the Effects on the Contingent Workforce

A Red Alert was issued by Beijing’s city government recently, closing schools and construction sites and limiting the number of vehicles on…

Global Worker Classification in the ‘Gig Economy’

CWS Strategies recently posted an article titled “Independent contractors: The worldwide war against misclassification”, an excellent post on the pending…

Global Partnership Announced – CXC Corporate Services Partners with Rision

CXC Corporate Services, a CXC Global company, and the global leader in compliant contingent workforce solutions, has entered into a…

#CXCFutureofWork Summit Recap – Redefining The Future of Work

Have you wondered about how technology is changing the face of HR, Talent Acquisitionand Recruitment?  What about how to navigate the Gig…

Why Outsource Your Global Contractor Payroll

Why should a company outsource their global contractor payroll, compliance and management needs rather than build a country by country…

The Global Talent Movement….are you ready?

Being a truly global company requires an extensive global network of people, comprised of internal teams and external extended networks of professionals,…

Global Compliance and the Evolution of the Contingent Workforce

On September 23, 2015 at 2PM EDT, CXC Global hosted a complimentary webinar with Ardent Partners on “Global Compliance and…

Case Study: Converting Full Time Employees to Contractors during Mergers and Acquisitions

Summary This paper reviews how three US based companies converted groups of full time employees in five countries to contractors…

Contractor or employee? Uber, FedEx, Microsoft are learning the hard way – Compliance is key

It’s in the news almost every day now.  Large global organizations wrestling with the issue of defining who is an…

CXC Global appoints new Director of Global Partner and Client Solutions

We are pleased to welcome JP Gooch to the CXC Global North America team as Director of Global Partner and…

Ardent Partners and CXC Global Webinar: Global Compliance Management and the Evolution of the Contingent Workforce

Please register here for Global Compliance Management and the Evolution of the Contingent Workforce webinar on Sep 23, 2015 2:00…

Media Brief – August 2015

Media Brief – August 2015 from CXC Global A/NZ

Get Smart, Take Control – Contingent Workforce Implementation

Know Your Workforce Do you have contractors working in your organization, either in the country where you work, or perhaps…


The trend of increasing business use of contingent labor has been in evidence over the past 20 years and, and…

The Enabling and Amplifying Effects of Technology – The World Wide Workforce

So while there are many ways to look at the impacts of new technology on businesses and management of human…

World Wide Workforce – The Growing Utilization Of Global Talent

The previously noted 2012 Oxford Economics study stated the following: “In 1990, the total of the world’s exports and imports…

What Will It Really Take To Implement a World Wide Workforce? CXC Global Is Working On The Answer.

Andrew Karpie, Workforce Industry Specialist of The Research Platform, recently produced a whitepaper with CXC Global to define the emerging World Wide…

Contingent Workforce Expansion and Global Compliance – Whitepaper

It is no secret that today’s contingent workforce, which is comprised of temporary staff, freelancers, independent talent, and SOW-based labor,…

What is FATCA? FATCA’d by the United States Internal Revenue Service

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), which came into force after several months of delay on 1st July, 2014,…

CXC Recognized by SIA for Independent Contractor Payroll and Compliance

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) has recognized CXC Global for the second year running as a leading provider of global independent…