What is Borderless Hiring and how can your organization benefit from it?

Hire anyone, from anywhere in the world, without the need to be present in a physical office.

After all of the recent changes to the world in the past year, the use of technology has surged in providing businesses viable alternatives when it comes to communication, work collaboration, services, and even onboarding and hiring.  If businesses have learned anything in the past few years, it’s that our capabilities are no longer limited by the walls around us, be it our homes or even our countries borders.

This new wave of communication technology has allowed us to quickly adapt to working remotely, working more efficiently, and even collaborating across time zones while still delivering a productive output.  Essentially, we’re no longer bound by the need to sit in an office to work, we’re able to achieve the same level of productivity virtually.

What is borderless hiring?

Borderless hiring refers to the act of acquiring talent globally without geographical constraints.  You can hire anyone, from anywhere in the world, without the need to be present in a physical office.  This practice has been in great part catapulted into the norm due to the challenges faced in talent acquisition as well as the adoption of remote working during COVID-19.

Now, however, businesses are increasingly more active on borderless hiring, opening the door in particular to talent from emerging economies.  IT, design, advertising, data analysts, engineers and developers, are all starting to find ground in US companies while working remotely from countries such as India, Vietnam, Ukraine, and more.

What are some of the challenges of borderless hiring?

With borderless hiring comes an increasingly difficult headache to manage in the form of payroll and compliance.  One of the biggest challenges that companies face across the board when expanding their workforce globally is the increasing amount of work that comes with structuring a compliant global payroll for the business.

Navigating these challenges can be difficult which is why some businesses opt to partner with companies such as CXC Global who have years of experience managing global payroll for businesses looking to hire overseas or even expand.

Managing a global workforce itself can also be challenging, since remote employees may often feel left out or isolated from the greater team.  Setting boundaries and expectations early on with performance management policies as well as global events in order to touch base and band together can be critical in maintaining a high performing remote team.


What are the benefits for your business?

Needless to say, you have access to a global talent pool to suit the needs and requirements of your business while building a culturally and cognitively diverse team that can tackle business challenges from a completely different perspective.

The ability for businesses to diversify their creative and business processes is quickly adding new levels of value to those who can efficiently adapt.

Remote work is quickly becoming the way of the future, now while this transition will make a lot more sense for some industries rather than others, we must always consider the possibility of innovation.  What may not make sense today, may allow your competitors to quickly attain new heights tomorrow, which is why global business trends such as these must always be taken into consideration for every business.


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