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Everything you need to know to hire compliantly in Belgium

Employer of Record (EoR) in Belgium

Employment contracts in Belgium

Payroll and benefits in Belgium

Leaves and time off in Belgium

Employee protection in Belgium

End of employment in Belgium

Recent developments in Belgium

We understand the challenges of keeping up with changing laws and regulations. That’s why we actively monitor these changes, so you don’t have to. Read on to discover what’s been happening in the employment landscape in Belgium.

Essential Working Conditions

In line with the Transparent and Predictable Working Condition Directive (2019/1152) and the Work-Life Balance Directive (2019/1158), various acts passed on October 7, 2022, have ensured the guarantee of information regarding essential working conditions. Additionally, employers can no longer require exclusivity from their employees, and minimum standards for paternity, parental, and carer’s leave have been implemented.

The Labour Deal Act

The Federal Government of Belgium, led by ‘De Croo’, successfully concluded the ‘Labour Deal,’ resulting in the enactment of the Labour Deal Act on 3 October 2022. This significant agreement introduces several important developments such as:

  • he right to disconnect for employees in companies with at least 20 employees.
  • The implementation of a four-day and alternating work week. – A transition programme to support employees in finding new jobs in the event of dismissal.
  • A 7-day notice period for flexible work arrangements.
  • Enhanced employability opportunities for workers after dismissal.


Starting from July 1, 2023, employers and employees across all sectors will have the option to engage in “additional voluntary overtime.” This means that employees can voluntarily work up to 120 additional overtime hours per calendar year, in addition to their base quota of voluntary overtime.

Annual Leave

A Royal Decree published on March 16, 2023, along with an Act passed on July 17, 2023, brought about changes to the rules governing annual leave. These adjustments allow employees who fall sick during their annual leave to reschedule their holidays for a later date. Additionally, individuals who cannot take their vacation days in the current vacation year due to specific suspension causes will have the opportunity to carry over those days to the following two years.

Bicycle Travel

The social partners of the National Labour Council signed Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) No. 164 on January 24, 2023, to address the employer’s role in supporting bicycle travel for commuting between the home and the workplace. This agreement establishes a general obligation for employers to provide compensation to employees who choose to commute by bicycle

Employer of Record in Belgium

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Payroll and benefits in Belgium

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Leaves and time off in Belgium

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Employee protections in Belgium

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End of employment in Belgium

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