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How to launch your workforce programme globally

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CXC Global1 min read
CXC GlobalApril 22, 2023

Why are workforce programmes important? What types of workforce programmes are there? How can businesses drive growth through their workforce programmes? What strategy works best?

We have answers to all these questions and many more!

Now more than ever, businesses understand the importance of thinking locally while acting globally – smart companies are increasing their engagement of contingent workers to save time and money. However, we are witnessing a lot of executives struggling to identify and analyse necessary forces, hence, their workforce is often managed through various third parties, creating significant risk and cost exposure.

In April 2020, Connor Heaney from CXC, Brenda Monaghan from Medtronic, Deb Aspinall from the Walt Disney company, Jan-Willem Weijers from AkzoNobel, and James Garvin from LinkedIn hosted a webinar to discuss and share their experiences on how to launch workforce programmes globally. Topics included:

  • What Programmes Do You Manage?
  • What Constraints/Challenges Have You Encountered?
  • What Are Your Recommendations?
  • Compliance Regulations/Laws?
  • Managing Spend?
  • What Is Your View on Direct Sourcing? PROs Vs. CONs

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