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The Definitive Guide to Having Control of Your SOW

CXC Global1 min read
CXC GlobalApril 22, 2023

Statement of work (SOW) contractor engagements are skyrocketing throughout Australia.

An SOW is part of a contract that specifies the required outcome for the contingent worker to complete. It’s designed to offer flexibility for employers who want to use contingent workers with specific expertise to perform a particular task or work on a particular project.

Companies that turn to SOW engagements achieve higher returns on their talent investment. They also gain access to specialised talent who offer vital assets and intellectual property. It’s true that SOW talent typically commands higher compensation than agency temps. However, when the process is managed with precision and a strategic mindset, it becomes a win-win situation for all parties to the relationship.

Although increasingly popular, many organisations don’t fully understand what they are and how to use them to their maximum potential.

Download The definitive guide to having control of your SOW and find out…

  • How to build SOW contracts.
  • The key elements of a successful SOW program.
  • The advantages of an SOW engagement.
  • Common pitfalls of SOW.
  • How to use data to understand your current state.
  • and how SOW contract engagements could be the edge your business needs today.

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