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The Workforce Risk Report – Q4 2022

Risk Report
CXC Global2 min read
CXC GlobalApril 22, 2023

At the end of 2022, the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Secure Jobs, Better Pay) Act 2022 was passed into law, bringing with it sweeping changes to the world of work – the largest since the last time the Act was amended.

These changes are focused on pay equity, discrimination, and insecure work, and it will have a major impact on your business.

It is important to review your policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the new act. In our latest quarterly workforce report, we provide a comprehensive overview of the key changes, including:

  • Ban on pay secrecy clauses: Employees will no longer be prevented from discussing their pay with their colleagues, reducing the risk of gender pay discrimination.
  • Limits on fixed-term contracts: Employers will not be able to put workers on more than two fixed-term contracts, or contracts over two years in duration.
  • Multi-employer bargaining: Agreements on pay and conditions will now be allowed across multiple employers, potentially even across industries and patterns of work.
  • Domestic violence leave: All workers will be eligible for 10 days of paid domestic violence leave. This includes casuals, who were previously not eligible for any form of paid leave.
  • Sexual harassment: Employers now have a positive obligation to prevent sexual bullying and discrimination and will be held to a higher standard.

These changes will require a significant review of your policies and procedures. Don’t wait until it’s too late – start preparing for the implementation of the Secure Jobs, Better Pay Act today.

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