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Staffing partnership

We help staffing agencies place workers globally for their clients.
Looking to expand your reach? We’re here for you.

Easily access top talent beyond your borders.

Are you a staffing firm that already has an established brand in your local area and is looking to expand your reach and access talent in areas where you don’t already have a business setup?

CXC can help with that.

How does this partnership work?

We partner with staffing firms all around the world, to enable them to engage talent for their clients, wherever the workers are located.

CXC has the experience and expertise to act as the Agent of Record or Employer of Record on behalf of our staffing partners, ensuring their talent is vetted, onboarding is completed and most importantly, that they’re paid accurately and on time in their local currency.

Types of worker engagements we facilitate include:

Full-time employees (in select regions)
Independent contractors
Sole traders
Project workers
Statement of work engagements

3 reasons to why staffing firms partner with CXC:

1. Quality over quantity

Are you searching for someone with special skills or expertise?

Need to expand your team on a temporary basis to help manage a seasonal or circumstantial increase in business?

Struggling to find candidates with the right tech skills to fill the gaps in?

2. Increased access to talent

Have you exhausted your local network trying to find the right candidate for the job?

Going beyond your traditional borders opens up the world to access talent in other locations.

3. Scale quickly

Not sure if the position will be full-time?

Hiring contractors can be a great way to expand a team quickly or replace a lost employee.

Because temporary candidates are screened, hired and onboarded by CXC, they’re ready to start right away.

Interested? Let's talk!

CXC takes care of the paperwork, payroll taxes, workers comp, benefits, and more, enabling you to find more talent to fill more roles! In some regions, we can even help find the talent for you – just ask about CXC Talent.

Reach out today to discover how CXC can support your business growth.


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Ready to work together?

If you’re working in the contingent workforce landscape, it makes sense to partner with organisations that can help you to broaden your reach, increase your brand visibility, create new opportunities, and offer a wider range of services to your clients.

We’re always looking to grow our operations by partnering with exciting, innovative businesses all over the world.

Want to join us?