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In this conversation, Connor and Will discuss various topics related to the contingent workforce sector. They talk about the evolution of the industry, the challenges faced by buyers, the role of MSPs and VMSs, and the future of talent acquisition. They also touch on the labor market paradox and the need for innovation in recruiting practices. In addition to this, Will Ulmer and Connor discuss various topics related to talent acquisition and the future of work. They explore the concept of talent scarcity and how organizations can overcome it by changing their approach to recruiting. They also discuss the potential impact of artificial intelligence on jobs and the need for regulation to protect workers in the gig economy. Finally, the episode concludes with a discussion on remote work and the importance of creating a positive and engaging work environment.


·       The contingent workforce sector is evolving, and there is a need for creative thinking and innovation in managing programs.

·       MSPs and VMSs are still relevant, but their roles and functions are changing and need to adapt to the evolving industry.

·       Talent marketplaces are becoming more popular, and there may be a consolidation in the market as well as integration with other technologies.

·       ATSs and current recruiting practices may not be fit for purpose, and there is a need for a more personal and proactive approach to talent acquisition.

·       The labor market paradox, where there is full employment but a shortage of skilled workers, requires new strategies and solutions. Organizations should stop accepting the notion of talent scarcity and instead focus on finding the right talent by broadening their expectations and creating job postings that attract potential candidates.

·       Artificial intelligence has the potential to positively impact the recruitment process by removing bias and improving efficiency, but its full capabilities are yet to be determined.

·       The gig economy is a growing trend, and organizations should embrace it by providing opportunities for gig workers to grow and develop within their organizations.

·       Remote work can be a privilege and a benefit, but it may not be suitable for everyone. It is important to consider individual preferences and the need for social interaction and camaraderie.

·       The future of work is still being defined, and there is an opportunity for the contingent labor industry to shape it by embracing change and finding new ways to engage and support talent.


00:00 Introduction and Background

05:14 Challenges and Goals at Fandool

09:26 Considerations for Embarking on an MSP Program

15:06 The Future of MSPs and VMSs

23:28 The Labor Market Paradox

28:47 Improving ATSs and Recruiting Practices

33:11 Overcoming Talent Scarcity

41:46 The Potential Impact of Artificial Intelligence

49:03 Regulating the Gig Economy

56:44 The Benefits and Challenges of Remote Work

01:01:06 Shaping the Future of Work

Connect with Will:  William Ulmer, CCWP | LinkedIn

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