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On this episode of The Open Talent Report, Connor speaks to Sonya Shelton, Founder of Executive Leadership Consulting. Executive Leadership Consulting aligns an organisation’s business strategy with its culture to make it a successful business, as well as a fulfilling place to work.

Sonya has founded 3 profitable companies, is a contributing writer to Forbes and previously worked as Head of Global Employee Communications at the Walt Disney company. She is also the author of “You’re an Executive But Are You a Leader?”, a number 1 Amazon bestselling book that shares leadership tips and success stories.

During the episode Connor & Sonya Discuss:

  • Sonya’s story
  • Her experience at Disney when it faced conflict & a culture transformation
  • Should companies include family as a value, or is it dangerous?
  • The key principles of her book
  • The common struggles leaders have & how she helps
  • Imposter syndrome – is this common?
  • Is work life balance possible with remote work?
  • The labour market paradox – what can we do to mitigate talent scarcity?
  • A skills-based internal hiring approach
  • Remote work & self-discipline
  • AI, automation & its positive impact on jobs
  • Cult of the Founder
  • Future of work predictions

Listen to the Open Talent Report below, or wherever you get your podcasts.