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We are delighted to have Christopher Dwyer, the Senior Vice President of Research at Ardent Partners and the Managing Director of the Future of Work Exchange, on the podcast. 

Christopher takes us through his career that led him to his current roles in Ardent Partners and the Future of Work Exchange. He also spoke about their recent research on the much-hyped, Direct Sourcing. His research found that

  • Around 20% of companies today have a mature direct sourcing programme in place.
  • 27% of companies have an intermediate programme, meaning it’s younger than two years.
  • 41% of companies don’t have a direct sourcing programme, but they plan to implement one by the end of 2022.

Christopher also gave his views on the future of work and which he sees as being about people rather than technology. He feels that organisations should seriously look at diversity and inclusion, workplace culture and employee burnout if they are to succeed in the future.

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