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On this episode of The Open Talent Report, Connor Heaney speaks to Terri Gallagher, CEO at Gallagher and Consultants. She is also an author and speaker. 

Terri created Walt Disney World’s first contingent workforce program, and grew her expertise working for the largest Global MSP/Staffing companies in the world.  She then started her consultancy firm to break the standard paradigms of traditional contingent workforce solutions.

Gallagher and Consultants employ an emerging model of alternative workforce management, the Adaptable Talent Program approach (ATP), to help businesses manage and optimise their contingent workforce. 

In this episode, Connor & Terri discuss:

  • 3:56 Terri’s story
  • 7:01 Entrepreneurial journey difficulties learnings
  • 12:01 The problems and challenges Gallagher and Consultants solve
  • 16:30 Are staffing companies ripe for disintermediation by newer tech providers?
  • 18:50 Are large MSP’s and VMS’s at risk from talent marketplaces?
  • 22:34 Direct sourcing – why are companies not buying it?
  • 25:45 Gallagher and Consultant’s Adaptable Talent Program
  • 29:06 The talent availability problem – why do we have it and what can we do about it?
  • 37:42 How do we bring deskless workers into remote working?
  • 40:44 Future of work predictions

Listen to the Open Talent Report below, or wherever you get your podcasts.