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Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the legal aspects surrounding the gig economy and the future of work in Belgium.

In the latest episode of The Open Talent Report, host Connor Heaney is joined by Julie Van Kerckhoven, Senior Associate at Monard Law in Belgium. Together, they dive into an engaging discussion on the legal frameworks surrounding the gig economy, or as it is referred to in Belgium, the talent economy.

With her extensive expertise in employment law, Julie sheds light on the evolving legislative landscape in Belgium and the European Union. They explore upcoming legislation and its potential impact on the gig economy, providing valuable insights for both organizations and independent workers navigating this changing landscape.

Looking to the future, Julie shares her perspectives on the employment landscape in Belgium from a legal standpoint. The conversation delves into the implications of remote work and the open talent economy, offering thought-provoking insights into what the future of work may hold.

Don’t miss this informative and thought-provoking episode as Connor and Julie discuss:

  • Legal frameworks in Belgium for the gig economy
  • Upcoming legislation in Belgium and the EU
  • The future of employment in Belgium from a legal perspective
  • The rise of remote work and its impact on the workforce
  • Insights into the open talent economy

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*Disclaimer: Please note that while Julia is a lawyer, her opinions shared during the podcast should not be considered legal advice.

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