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In this conversation, Kelly Webster, Global Delivery and Engagement Director at Tapfin, discusses her career journey, the evolution of the MSP market, challenges of global MSP rollout, and practical advice for the buying community. She emphasizes the importance of change management, communication, and understanding local nuances in global programs. Kelly also shares insights on invoice design, Fiat requirements, and the need to avoid assumptions during implementations. The conversation covers the challenges and opportunities in MSP and talent solutions, including the impact of AI, cost savings, and the future of work. It emphasizes the importance of planning, communication, and stakeholder engagement in global program rollouts. The discussion also delves into the significance of selecting the right VMS provider and the evolution of contingent workforce management.


·      The importance of change management and communication in global MSP rollout

·      Understanding local nuances and adapting to support them in global programs

·      Considerations for invoice design, Fiat requirements, and avoiding assumptions during implementations Planning and communication are crucial for successful global program rollouts.

·      Selecting the right VMS provider is as important as choosing the MSP provider.

·      Cost savings involve a multifaceted approach, including cost reduction, cost avoidance, and optimization.

·      The future of work will see continued growth in contingent workforce management and a shift towards total talent management.

·      AI is expected to impact job roles, but there is optimism about the creation of new opportunities and the evolution of the workforce.


00:00 Introduction and Career Journey

03:22 The Evolution of the MSP Market

10:44 Challenges and Practical Advice for Global MSP Rollout

33:48 The Impact of AI on Job Roles and the Workforce

41:17 Strategies for Cost Savings and Efficiency in Programs

53:53 The Future of Work: Contingent Workforce Management and Total Talent Management

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