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On this episode of The Open Talent Report, Connor Heaney talks to John Riordan, Chairman of Grow Remote and Board Director at Boundless and Otonomee.

John is an avid supporter of working remote-first. Throughout his career, he has worked for large and well-known businesses such as Virgin Atlantic, Apple and Shopify, helping them implement remote working in contact centre customer service. 

During the episode Connor & John discuss:

  • John’s story
  • Setting up a contact centre customer service remote work model at Virgin Atlantic
  • Remote work and being remote-first
  • What is driving return to office mandates?
  • Labour Market Paradox and talent scarcity crisis – how can this be tackled?
  • Africa – the solution to the demographic drought?
  • HR tech – bubble or not?
  • Predictions for the future of work
  • What Grow Remote does

Listen to the Open Talent Report below, or wherever you get your podcasts.