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Connor Heaney talks with Mathias Linnemann, Co-Founder of Worksome. 

Worksome is the leading flexible workforce management system used by 1000s of enterprises globally. Worrisome allows businesses to find and hire freelancers within minutes, while supporting automatic worker classification and compliant payment.

On the podcast Connor and Mathias discuss:

  • Should large enterprises look at moving from a VMS/MSP to a more fluid model?
  • Does resource demand planning or the lack of it make it difficult to manage talent on demand?
  • How to solve the banking problems that freelancers face?
  • Matthias gives his thoughts on the recent draft eu directive on digital labour platforms
  • Is Universal Basic Income a good idea for governments to explore?
  • Labour Market Paradox – what contributed to it – what can be done about it? 
  • How long before 10 giant staffing recruitment giants are replaced by 10 platforms?
  • Why are staffing and recruitment companies continuing to grow?
  • Automation and job displacement 
  • Remote working – is it a curse or a cure?

Listen to the Open Talent Report below, or wherever you get your podcasts.