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This week Connor Heaney is joined by Stephen Holliday, Founder & CEO at Level Financial Technology. 

Level is the financial wellness platform for the enterprise. Level empower employers to help their workers improve their financial health by offering salary-linked services that address both short and long-term financial needs. Level provide on-demand pay, salary-linked savings, Open Banking-powered budgeting tools and financial education.

During the podcast Connor and Stephen discuss:

  • How level close the gap between work and pay
  • Is there an opportunity for fintech to help freelancers access banking services
  • How to bank unbanked workers
  • Is salary inflation a problem that is here to stay?
  • Is the Hr Tech bubble going to burst?
  • The impact of automation on job displacement 
  • Is remote work creating a two tier society?

Listen to the Open Talent Report below, or wherever you get your podcasts.