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Åsa Landqvist, VP for the Nordics at CXC Global, shares insights on her career journey, the challenges CXC solves, the talent market in the Nordics, regulatory environments, and the impact of AI on jobs. She emphasizes the importance of diversity in talent and the need for a wider view of skills and experience. 


  • Åsa Landqvist’s diverse career journey includes experience in advertising, board work, city building, entrepreneurship, and workforce management. 
  • CXC Global solves challenges related to global pay rolling, workforce management, and direct sourcing in the Nordics. 
  • The talent market in the Nordics is characterized by innovation, high productivity, and a focus on sustainability, requiring top talent to drive innovation and maintain a global setup. 
  • Regulatory environments in the Nordics impact labor market flexibility and the management of temporary agency workers, independent contractors, and freelancers. 
  • The impact of AI on jobs is seen as an opportunity to create workforce opportunities and requires a balance in its use and programming to ensure human intelligence determines the results. 
  • Diversity in talent is crucial for driving innovation, growth, and problem-solving in businesses, emphasizing the need for a wider view of skills, experience, and knowledge. 


00:00 Orsa Lindqvist: A Journey of Diverse Experience 

03:47 Challenges and Solutions in the Nordics Talent Market 

07:25 Navigating Regulatory Environments in the Nordics 

15:19 The Impact of AI on Jobs and Workforce Opportunities 


  • Your story 
  • Tell us about talent solutions – the challenges and problems you solve 
  • What are the key challenges you face in delivering MSP solutions to global clients? 
  • How do you tailor recruitment processes to meet the unique needs of different sectors? 
  • Can you share an example of a successful MSP implementation you led and the outcomes achieved? 
  • How do you manage stakeholder engagement and ensure alignment with senior leadership? 
  • What strategies do you use to drive cost savings and productivity in MSP operations? 
  • How has the rise of AI and automation impacted MSP services and workforce management? 
  • How do you ensure compliance and consistency across different regions in a global MSP program? 
  • What trends do you see shaping the future of contingent workforce solutions and MSP operations? 

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