Access to Talent

Discover, engage, manage, and retain top-tier talent.

Talent Acquisition Services

All organisations strive to find, engage and retain the best available talent to enable the business to achieve their goals.

This can prove to be one of the greatest challenges companies face.

At CXC, we work closely with our clients to achieve their talent-first goal by improving their capability to measure, retain and redeploy known contingent workers.

Using our proprietary and partner technology solutions, CXC can drive improvements in the quality, efficiency and cost savings of your contingent talent acquisition.

Optimise your workforce with CXC:

  1. Access staff on demand
  2. Join communities which are maintained and leveraged
  3. Utilise algorithms that enable the workforce to operate more efficiently
  4. Leverage off technology to fully automate work
  5. Engage the workforce that remains