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Building Employer Brand Visibility with Direct Sourcing for Jeppesen

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CXC GlobalAugust 24, 2023
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“I can focus on my main role and responsibilities while the documentation and onboarding are being handled by the CXC Team."


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Jeppesen faced challenges implementing a direct sourcing strategy in Poland, including multi-location coordination, manager experience enhancement, compliance with taxation and local legislation, and establishing a strong employer brand in a competitive market.


Partnering with CXC, we implemented a successful direct sourcing strategy, complete with targeted branding efforts, for Global Navigation Services (GNS) department in Poland.


With strategic solutions and CXC’s support, Jeppesen established an efficient direct sourcing strategy, achieved swift talent acquisition for assessment centres, maintained compliance with labour laws, and enhanced their employer brand visibility in the competitive Polish market. This resulted in successful talent acquisition, sustained growth, and improved financial management with streamlined invoicing and accurate spend data tracking.

Jeppesen is dedicated to serving the global defence, space, and aviation sectors, catering to customers from various markets, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer. They offer engineering, digital analytics, supply chain, and training support for both government and commercial services, ensuring the safety of passengers and nations. With a strong and influential brand, they have established a vast customer base, including nearly every airline worldwide. For over 80 years, this company has evolved alongside the aviation industry, with a team of 3,200 employees spread across 18 locations on 4 continents.


Defence, Space and Aviation

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Inverness, Colorado, USA

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The Challenge

Our client, Jeppesen’s Global Navigation Services (GNS) department, required an implementation of a direct sourcing strategy for GNS in Poland. They aimed to enhance their recruitment process, attract top talent, and establish a strong employer brand in the competitive Polish market. However, several obstacles stood in their way:

  • Multi-location coordination: Coordinating and executing recruitment and assessment centre programs across multiple locations posed complexities for standardised processes and candidate experiences.
  • Manager experience enhancement: Improving the manager experience required a user-friendly one-stop shop solution to streamline interactions and simplify decision-making.
  • Compliance with taxation and local legislation: Navigating diverse tax and labour laws in multiple countries demanded compliance to avoid legal risks during talent acquisition.
  • Employer brand visibility: Establishing a strong employer brand in the Polish market called for targeted branding efforts to attract top talent effectively.

Our Solution

Following a successful MSP programme launch in February 2019, Jeppesen outsourced their GNS departments’ full recruitment and assessment centre programme in Poland to CXC. The solutions implemented included:

  • Direct sourcing: CXC developed a custom branded direct sourcing strategy, enhancing candidate attraction and building GNS’ employer brand in the Polish market.
  • Beeline Vendor Management System (VMS) management: CXC managed the client’s Beeline VMS for both supplier and direct recruitment, streamlining onboarding, invoicing, and payroll processes.
  • Talent pool technologies: Using talent pool technologies, such as Elevate Direct, to efficiently manage and access potential candidates.
  • Confluence intranet page: A dedicated intranet page was created between Jeppesen’s extension in Sweden and CXC, facilitating day-to-day contractor management and providing essential guidance.
  • Streamlined onboarding: CXC streamlined onboarding activities, ensuring smooth completion of Blue Package, HireRight Background Screening, and Boeing Electronic Messaging System ID (BEMSID) processes for new hires.
  • Supply chain management: CXC effectively managed the supply chain across all the client’s locations, optimising efficiency and coordination.


The implementation of CXC’s direct sourcing model for Jeppesen’s GNS department in Poland in 2019 yielded remarkable results and set the stage for broader expansion. The success of the model led to discussions with other client locations outside Poland to adopt a similar strategy, while solutions for other subsidiaries were already in progress for go-live in 2020 across EMEA and APAC regions.

With CXC’s support, the client achieved:

  • Efficient talent acquisition through an enhanced screening process.
  • Full compliance with taxation and local legislation, and increased employer brand visibility in the competitive Polish market.
  • Successful implementation of the direct sourcing model, resulting in 95 directly sourced hires, with 75% converted to permanent contracts.
  • Efficient invoicing, successful team hiring, and diligent management of contingent workers further demonstrating the value of strategic collaboration.
  • Through quarterly executive business reviews, CXC provided data-driven insights, fostering ongoing improvement and program enhancement.
  • The client’s recruitment process experienced significant improvements, streamlining interactions, and simplifying decision-making, leading to enhanced manager experiences.
  • Timely and accurate payments to GNS workers were upheld, ensuring worker satisfaction and compliance with labour laws.

The comprehensive and efficient management of the direct sourcing strategy by CXC showcased the value of strategic collaboration, solidifying the Jeppesen’s position for future growth and success.

Streamline your recruitment process, attract top talent, and expand your reach into new markets. Contact us today to elevate your staffing strategy and achieve success in the competitive talent landscape.

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