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Custom Recruitment Solution for The Auto Group

Financial Services
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CXC GlobalSeptember 13, 2023
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"From the moment we engaged with CXC, their team demonstrated a deep understanding of our specific hiring needs. They skilfully pulled together a pool of candidates who not only possessed the right skills but also aligned perfectly with our company culture.”

The Auto Group

Jonathan Evetts, Operations Manager

CXC Global



The Auto Group, a small yet ambitious company specialising in car insurance services, faced a significant challenge in its pursuit of growth. Limited internal resources, including financial constraints, time limitations, and a shortage of expertise, hindered their ability to attract and hire top-quality talent for crucial office-based roles. The roles in question spanned various areas, such as professional services, financial services, dealership management, business development, and marketing.

The Auto Group recognised that without the right team in place, their ability to innovate, expand, and serve their customers effectively would be compromised. However, their size and resource constraints made it difficult for them to navigate the competitive talent landscape and identify and onboard professionals capable of driving their vision forward.


Through the collaborative effort between The Auto Group and CXC, the following outcomes were achieved:

    1. Successful placement: The recruitment campaign resulted in the successful hiring of professionals across various roles.

    1. Attracting top talent: The Auto Group was able to attract and secure high-quality talent—individuals with the skills and expertise needed to drive the company’s growth and success.

    1. Efficient resource allocation: By partnering with CXC, The Auto Group was able to optimise its recruitment budget. The solution offered by CXC was tailored to their financial constraints while delivering quality candidates.

    1. Improved recruitment process: The recruitment process was streamlined, leading to faster and more efficient hiring. The improved process also contributed to an enhanced candidate experience.

    1. Strong partnership: The collaboration between The Auto Group and CXC spanned 18 months, fostering a robust partnership. CXC’s ongoing support ensured that The Auto Group continued to meet its talent acquisition needs effectively.

The partnership between The Auto Group and CXC showcases the effectiveness of customised recruiting solutions in overcoming challenges posed by limited resources and intense competition for top talent.

Through CXC’s expertise, The Auto Group not only overcame its recruitment obstacles but also laid a solid foundation for future growth and success in the competitive car insurance industry.

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CXC understood the unique needs and limitations of The Auto Group and set out to design a tailored recruiting strategy that aligned with their objectives. CXC’s team of experienced recruiting experts worked closely with The Auto Group to develop a comprehensive solution.

Leveraging their industry knowledge and network, CXC provided a range of services tailored to The Auto Group’s requirements:

    1. Expertise and guidance: CXC’s recruitment specialists offered valuable insights and guidance throughout the process, providing strategic advice to ensure The Auto Group’s recruitment efforts were focused and effective.

    1. Customised sourcing: CXC tapped into its extensive network to identify and engage suitable candidates for each role. A targeted approach was used, focusing on individuals with a proven track record in professional services, financial domains, dealership management, business development, and marketing.

    1. Streamlined process: CXC optimised The Auto Group’s recruitment process, reducing inefficiencies and enhancing the candidate experience. This resulted in quicker hiring and improved interactions with potential candidates.

    1. Gap analysis for marketing role: CXC conducted a thorough gap analysis specifically for the marketing role, identifying key skills and attributes required to ensure the right candidate was selected.

    1. Cost-effectiveness: Despite The Auto Group’s limited resources, CXC’s solution was designed to be cost-effective. CXC helped The Auto Group achieve its recruitment goals without excessive costs.

The Auto Group was established by professionals from the financial sector to address the issues of unclear communication and customer service provided by many warranty and membership providers. Their mission is to assist car dealers in selling vehicles and ensuring their customers' financial security. The Auto Group offers a variety of products and services, ranging from dealer guarantee and warranty to key protection and road rescue assistance. With experience serving both large franchise and independent dealers, they offer products suitable for all, backed by matching expertise.


Financial Services

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Founding Year


The Challenge

The Auto Group, a small but ambitious car insurance company, struggled to attract and hire skilled professionals due to limited resources and expertise, restricting their growth and ability to provide effective customer service.

Our Solution

CXC crafted a personalised recruitment strategy for The Auto Group, leveraging their industry know-how and connections to provide guidance, targeted candidate sourcing, streamlined processes, and cost-effective solutions.


The partnership with CXC led to successful role placements, attracting top talent, optimising resources, streamlining recruitment, and fostering a strong ongoing partnership, demonstrating the impact of tailored solutions in overcoming challenges and empowering The Auto Group’s growth in the car insurance industry.

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