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Engaging global talent compliantly for a large professional services firm

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CXC GlobalJuly 13, 2023



This client required a solution that would fit into their MSP programme to manage international associates, and onboard small “hub entities” that were engaged outside of the UK.


CXC has provided technology, payment infrastructure and expertise to manage contractors across multiple countries including within Europe, Australia and Asia.


CXC have successfully implemented a process for all the international associates to login, register time and expenses and receive payment in a timely manner.

This client, a multinational professional services network headquartered in London, is a leading provider of assurance, consulting, strategy and transactions, and tax services. With a history dating back to 1989, they have established themselves as one of the largest professional services networks in the world, guiding clients to capitalise on transformative opportunities and meet regulatory requirements while satisfying stakeholders.



Company Size

312,250 employees


London, UK

Founding Year



Following their acquisition of a UK consultancy focused on leadership and team development, organisational performance, transformation and culture change, the newly formed company needed a partner to help them create and manage a program for their globally distributed workforce.

The company required a robust solution that would engage talent compliantly in each country that they were in engaged. Consistency and compliance across all contractor management activities was essential.

However, they faced a critical challenge in creating and managing a program for its global distributed workforce. Engaging talent compliantly in each country, ensuring adherence to local regulations, and maintaining consistency and compliance across all contractor management activities were key priorities.

With operations spanning multiple jurisdictions, the complexity of managing diverse workforce requirements posed a significant hurdle. The company needed a reliable partner with expertise in global workforce management to address these challenges effectively and establish a scalable framework that would support their operations while ensuring compliance, mitigating risks, and fostering efficient contractor engagement.


To tackle these complex challenges faced, they sought a strategic partnership with CXC, a leading global workforce solutions provider. In July 2021, the company and CXC collaborated to develop a comprehensive program tailored to the needs of their globally distributed workforce.

The solution included end-to-end management of onboarding, compliance, vetting, and payroll/payment processes for workers across 14 countries. By engaging workers as independent contractors through CXC, they could achieve compliance and consistency in contractor management activities while adhering to local labour regulations and industry standards.

CXC’s extensive experience in global workforce management and their robust technology platform provided the client with the necessary tools and expertise to streamline operations, navigate complex compliance requirements, and ensure the seamless integration of their workforce into the newly formed entity. This partnership empowered them to focus on their core business activities, confident in the knowledge that their global distributed workforce was compliant, efficiently managed, and positioned for success.


  1. Streamlined onboarding: Within an impressive three-week timeline, CXC successfully onboarded all priority workers. This efficient process allowed international associates to seamlessly join the company, minimising disruptions and maximising productivity from the start.
  2. Engaging skilled workforce: Through the partnership with CXC, the  company engaged 79 workers as independent contractors and temporary staff. CXC’s meticulous approach ensured the selection of talented individuals who would contribute their expertise to the company’s objectives.
  3. Efficient time and expense management: The client adopted the MYCXC platform technology, enabling workers to easily enter timesheets and expenses. This digital solution enhanced efficiency and provided accurate financial insights, facilitating informed decision-making.
  4. Smooth transition support: CXC organised clinic drop-ins to support the international associates’ transition. These dedicated sessions addressed concerns, offered guidance, and provided the necessary support for the associates to navigate their roles within the company effectively.
  5. Further business opportunities: The success of the partnership opened doors to future collaboration with the parent organisation. Impressed by the outcomes, they expressed interest in leveraging CXC’s expertise to support future acquisitions and explore additional solutions, solidifying the partnership’s value.
  6. Streamlined invoicing: The client implemented a consolidated invoice process to their parent company, simplifying financial management and providing better control and visibility over contractor-related expenses. This streamlined approach saved time and resources for both parties.
  7. Consultancy advice: CXC’s consultancy services proved invaluable, offering expert advice on insurance, compliance and right-to-work matters. This ensured that the client remained compliant with legal and regulatory requirements, mitigating potential risks.
  8. Scalability and expansion: Building on the initial success, the partnership expanded during Wave 2, incorporating additional international associates into the program. This demonstrated the scalability and adaptability of the solution provided by CXC, catering to the client’s evolving needs.

Through the collaborative efforts of the company and CXC, the partnership successfully addressed the central challenges faced. By providing a robust program for global workforce management, ensuring compliance, consistency, and efficiency, the partnership propelled them towards success in managing its distributed workforce.

Whether you have global contingent workforce requirements or local, CXC’s solutions can save your organisation money. Contact us today.

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