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Expat Management Solution (Visa Sponsorship) for contractor compliance

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CXC GlobalJuly 03, 2023



This client needed to engage 40-100 expat employees for work on a project in Thailand. However, they did not have a local presence in this country and could not facilitate the necessary visa and work permits.


CXC and a trusted visa partner provided a compliant solution for this client, involving all the necessary employment checks and including an efficient onboarding, payrolling and management solution.


CXC delivered the required services to the client, enabling them to successfully engage workers in Thailand for the project. The solution has now expanded to include all of the client’s contractors in Thailand.

This client holds a prominent position as a top-tier management consulting firm on a global scale. Their presence extends to over 70 cities in 30 countries, where it effectively merges profound industry insights with specialised skills in strategy, operations, risk management and organisational transformation. Employing a workforce of over 5,000 professionals worldwide, the firm collaborates with clients to enhance their business efficiency, refine operations and risk mitigation strategies and expedite organisational growth to capitalise on favourable prospects.


Business Consulting and Services

Company Size

5,000-10,000 employees


New York, NY

Founding Year



In 2022, this client received a project from one of their clients in Bangkok, Thailand. They were required to bring approximately 40-100 expat employees from abroad into the country. They have had an existing relationship with CXC as a professional employment organisation in countries around the world.


At the time, the client did not have an established entity or presence in Thailand. As such, they couldn’t provide the necessary visas and work permits for the incoming expat employees. Additionally, they needed a compliant onboarding, payroll and management process once the workers were in the country.


In collaboration with our Thai visa and work permit partner, we implemented a comprehensive permit and payrolling solution for our client’s employees in Thailand.

We work closely with all stakeholders to deliver:

  • Visa and work permit processing.
  • Engagement and payment of contractors.
  • Invoice processing.
  • Accountability for payroll compliance.
  • Contractor care during the worker’s assignment.
  • Payroll onboarding and offboarding.
  • Advisory for termination of contractors under Thai labour law.

Additionally, CXC conducted information sessions to the Director of Talent, Head of HR and contractors to ensure they were fully aware of the end-to-end process of onboarding, payment and management in Thailand.


Through our partnership, CXC Thailand and our client have made substantial improvements to the management of contractor workers. The immediate benefits included:

  • Saving time during the onboarding process, through the professional team and quality communication – helping all contractors start work for the project on time.
  • Ensuring contractor compliance around taxation and visa/ work permits.
  • Providing full insurance coverage, professional indemnity, public liability and workers’ compensation cover for contractors.
  • Weekly reporting of contractor’s status and invoicing, with clear and easy to understand detail.
  • As many contractors need to travel back to their home country during their work, we provide additional assistance around entry permits.

Although our client now has a local presence in Thailand, they have continued to use our services. Our solution has continued to expand over the course of our partnership, with our services now being extended to cover all of our client’s contractors in Thailand. 

Whether you have global contingent workforce requirements or local, CXC’s solutions can save your organisation money. Contact us today.

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