The Future of Work: How and Why, from a Global Perspective

The Future of Work is a topic that is bringing organisations together in order to discuss best practices around recruitment, engagement, and retention of contingent workforce talent.

At the WeWork Globalization and the Future of Work Forum held in San Francisco in 2016, CXC Global, CXC Corporate Services, and WeWork hosted an expert panel of key speakers to discuss the impact of the new workforce on organisations and contractors around the globe.

Trending Areas in the Future of Work

With the fast-paced changes happening in the workforce around the world, the forum took a closer look at the impact that the future of work has on some key areas:

  • HR
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Recruitment
  • Finance

Technology is changing the face of work at an alarming rate, and the responsibility to keep up, keep compliant, and keep moving lies with the organisation itself. The simplest example of technological change is how simple technologies like Pokémon GO have revolutionised interaction, engagement, and global communication, leading the way for a slew of new technologies that will change all aspects of our lives.

Our highlights video shows the key points raised on a number of topics:

  • Navigating the Gig Economy
  • Preparing your Organisation for New Employment Methods
  • Managing the Increased Complexity of Contractor and Independent Worker Engagement
  • The Global Economic Impacts of the New Generation Workforce.

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Words by Alison Krumm.