The Rise of the Contingent Workforce – Melbourne, Australia

The Rise of the Contingent Workforce and the Impact on the Future of work

The many agents of change in today’s workplace are having irreversible impacts on workforce composition, worker types, productivity and engagement.

From technology, automation and artificial intelligence, to the clear mindset shift away from ‘traditional employment’, the format and style of how people work has changed for good.  As such, the concept of a ‘blended workforce’ is quickly becoming the norm, whereby contingent or temporary labor, consistently work alongside permanent talent.

In this new world of work, organizations face both opportunities and challenges.  Of major consideration are factors including:

  • Knowing the most successful approach to managing a blended workforce
  • The employee experience: regardless of worker classification, how to achieve optimum team output
  • What retention strategies work best, especially in the context of contingent rehires
  • Where and how to access the best contingent talent: pivoting with the market changes in this arena
  • What are the success measure for engaging and managing a blended workforce
  • How will global demographic and economic shifts impact the hiring and retention of a blended workforce

These topics and more will be covered in this not-to-be-missed event, proudly presented by the CXC Global ANZ team.  CXC Global ANZ’s Corporate Solutions Director Paul Chiswick will be one of the panelists along with Andrew Curcio, Partner at PWC, Rebecca Houghton of Australia Post and Gareth Flynn of TQ Solutions.

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