TREND ALERT: The Freelance Collective

Freelancing or ‘gig based employment’ is on the rise in Australia to the point of having a transformational impact on how our workforce functions. The lure of freelancing has been well documented over the years….

But like anything, the drawbacks can be very real….

It’s here that the concept of a ‘Collective’ is gaining traction. A Collective is a groups of individuals with similar or complimentary skills who form an exclusive band of talent to work collaboratively and collectively. Put simply, the concept works as it’s based on the notion of strength in numbers. The outcome is mostly about maximising your time, and ROI. The benefits of a Collective include….

The success of a collective requires a focus on being organised, where each individual plays a role in running & managing the combined entity (e.g. one morning a week, each person is required to undertake some form of marketing for the Collective). You need a leader, someone who’s in charge. An open-mindedness is also key, so there are cultural factors that play a role in a Collective’s success (or failure). As a [glossary]freelancer[/glossary], your head space is likely all about ‘Me’…..whereas in a Collective, this needs to shift. It’s not a major shift, but one that could be majorly profitable.

Unlike the concept of creative co-workspaces, where the skills of those involved don’t necessarily align or are even in the same profession, the Collective lends itself to more of a physical or virtual brains trust where participants sometimes do, but sometimes don’t, work together. The real beauty – whether the guys are working together or not – is that they have access to each other for critiquing and brainstorming their work.

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